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    Metadata Editor Quick Links

    May 2023

    The Metada Editor's Quick Links menu allows you to quickly access the menu actions you mark as favorites!

    Detailed Description for Alma Menu Items

    May 2023

    To help users learn more about Alma, the bottom of the Alma menu now features detailed descriptions of the available actions, when you hover over them.

    Edit Closed Invoice Lines

    May 2023

    You can now edit certain fields of invoice lines even after the invoice line was closed. This can help you fix data that did not migrate properly and maintain subscription management.

    Enhanced Notes Section in Resource Sharing Task Lists

    May 2023

    The Notes of a resource sharing request can now be displayed in List layout, allowing you to sort and search the notes. You can toggle between the List layout and the previously available Notes layout.

    Overlap Analysis for Physical Titles

    May 2023

    Alma's Overlap Analysis Tool now supports physical titles (in addition to electronic). This allows you to load a list of titles and check if theses titles exist in your physical (or electronic) inventory.

    View Items Action in the Metadata Editor

    May 2023

    When viewing a holdings record in the Alma Metadata Editor, you can immediately navigate to view its items via the new View Items action in the View Related Data menu. This feature is particularly beneficial for cataloging physical resources and can enhance the efficiency of the process.

    New Interface for Analytics in Alma

    February 2023

    We've revamped Alma's UI layout for viewing and managing Analytics objects! The new UI features many improvements to help staff navigate more intuitively and efficiently; including an analytics dashboard as your homepage, quick access to favorite reports, and an improved Analytics Objects List.

    Improved UX in the Alma Viewer

    February 2023

    The Alma Viewer now provides more screen space for the displayed media content.

    Alt Key Shortcuts for Metadata Editor Menus

    February 2023

    You can open the Metadata Editor menus using Alt hot-keys, increasing accessibility and cataloging efficiency.

    Import Enhancements: Normalize PO Lines and Inventory, Assign Cataloging Level

    February 2023

    The import profiles in Alma now allow you to normalize PO Lines and inventory during import, and assign to the imported records a cataloging level.

    Customize Request Cancellation Reasons

    February 2023

    Your institution can now customize the text labels of existing request cancellation reasons, disable unneeded reasons, and add up to ten new request cancellation reasons of its own.

    Bib Details of E-Collections in E-Inventory Analytics Reports

    February 2023

    When creating Analytics reports in the E-Inventory subject area, you can now include the bibliographic details of electronic collections. This is useful, for example, to include the 'Suppressed From Discovery' information for Electronic Databases with no portfolios.

    Additional Analytics User Statistics

    February 2023

    Alma now offers five additional Analytics User Statistics, for a total of ten statistical category types you can configure. Analytics User Statistics in Alma allow you to generate Analytics reports on your users with custom data of your choice, such as the users' academic discipline, country of origin, or dietary preference.

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