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Platform Migration

Below is a list of known on-going platform-level changes currently open with providers. The relevant product Release Notes and any related articles will be updated when the changes go live.


Provider / Platform Description Anticipated Completion Date Internal ticket ID Resolution end date

SAE (Mobilus)

SAE has informed us that they are a planning a platform upgrade for early Q2 2024.
Only DOI based links will resolve to the new platform.

When SAE Mobilus Classic is sunset in early Q2 2024 any direct link or link resolver target parser referencing the<product_ID> linking syntax will no longer work. ALL content published after the switchover will need to be linked via DOI.



May 8, 2024


AIP Scitation


AIP Publishing migrated their content platform to another vendor: Silverchair. They also dropped the “Scitation” name. This change was implemented 19 April 2023.

All journal, Book, Conference Proceedings, for AIPP and publishing partner content were included in the migration.

Redirects are in place and will remain in place for the foreseeable future.  DOI links have been redeposited with CrossRef.

We worked closely with AIP to implement new linking parsers and update the targets for all collections.


AIP collections have all been updated and will be included in the 3rd June Content Update ( 20232500 ) that will be released on June 18th.

Some consortia collections are still pending.

For more information about platform change:

For updates regarding ongoing issues:

This change will be part of the 3rd June Content Update ( 20232500 ) that will be released on June 18th.    

Amsterdam University Press

Amsterdam University Press moved their journals to a new platform on June 8, 2021. Access to the journals is now provided via The request to create a new target with updated URL's and additional titles, is pending with the Operations Team.   TBD    

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently  transitioned to a new Silverchair based platform.

Targets have been revised with new links, but old links will also continue to redirect indefinitely.

Went live November 8, 2021


American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

What’s happening? All the content at, which is currently hosted on multiple platforms, will be moving to Atypon’s online publishing platform, Literatum. 

The new website was launched in the summer of 2021.

Released in SFX and Alma, September, 2021    

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) no longer authenticates subscriber access on their old platform at

All access is now via the ASTM Compass platform at

TBD - we are awaiting on ASTM for a new KBART with updated linking to the Compass platform. They are currently working on this issue.     

Bone & Joint Publishing

Bone & Joint Publishing platform change scheduled for 7 February 2023.  

Working with provider to obtain title lists with modified URLs.


Brill Major Reference Works

In April 2024 Brill effected the migration of Brill Major Reference Works from to the main platform

Brill has implemented redirects to the new platform.

For details and updates see: 


Ex Libris is working closely with Brill to obtain revised metadata to update our collections to reflect this migration. 

In the interim the older links are successfully  redirecting to the new platform.


Bristol  University Press

Bristol University Press launched a new platform, April 2022.  For more information see:

DOI's will direct to the new platform.

Book content will continue to be available through the previous aggregators.

Currently working with Bristol to obtain appropriate metadata (June 2022)    


Cabi had moved their platform to Atypon. New title lists are expected to be received in October 2022 


Cambridge University Press

Starting mid-day September 5th, 2021, we see all links to the Cambridge University Core platform failing with a 503 error message. 

Searches performed directly in the native interface also return "Error 503 Backend fetch failed". 

We have notified the provider and will update this article once we have their response. 

UPD: September 6th. Cambridge confirmed that the Core platform was experiencing some issues over the weekend, but that these issues seem to be resolved now. 

Should you still encounter a problem with linking to the Core collections, please open a support ticket. 


Canadian Electronic Library / desLibris

Canadian Electronic Library is being sold (see, and  titles are now available to libraries on the new Canada Commons platform Canada Commons. The desLibris platform was closed on June 30 2022, Old URLs are currently redirecting to the new platform.

June 30 2022    

Classiques Garnier

New linking syntax for books and journals:

For other databases:<database>?filename=BovAG01



In late 2020, DOAJ changed the types of data that they collect from OA publishers, which affects the data available for Ex Libris to collect for use in our knowledgebases. One of the changes they made was the removal of coverage information from their title-level CSV export, which DOAJ felt was not necessarily understood by the publishers or entered properly and became problematic to support. You can read more about the changes that DOAJ made and the reasons why here:

June 2021 for Ex Libris changes


European Mathematical Society 

EMS platform had changed.

The URLs had changed from




The provider has recently changed platforms. This change requires updating the linking syntax, creating and/or reloading knowledgebase collections, creating and/or reloading discovery feeds.

See articles for more details. 

End of July 2021


Issues 1 & 2 to be resolved as part of the October content release. We are discussing with the provider for issues 3 & 4. 


Intellect Journals

Intellect Discover is now live on

(removed from Ingenta Connect)



Karger migrated to a new Silverchair platform at the beginning of May 2023.

All journal, book, and book series content was included in the migration.

Redirects for Journal level records are now working.

The Karger and Ex Libris operations teams have worked to fix post-launch issues and all links should now be resolving properly.  Karger has now supplied new title lists and the targets are being updated.

For more information see:


Liverpool University Press

New Atypon platform went live on November 9, 2022!

Working with LUP and Atypon to obtain and ingest new feeds.

Continuing to work with Atypon to obtain a new feed for CDI. 

Alternate coverage is available in CDI.



The new Ovid Journals Reading Experience was first introduced in 2018 and has been gradually made available to more customers.  The linking syntax for Ovid URLs remains unchanged. Users are automatically directed to the new reading experience ( when they use a link from a discovery service, link resolver, or a direct article Jumpstart link.

Customers who encounter issues accessing their full text subscriptions from the Ovid Journals Reading Experience site, are encouraged to contact the Ovid support team at:


Oxford University Press Books

This year Oxford University Press’s major research books collections will move to the Oxford Academic platform. This means that books will be available alongside journals in a single place for the first time.

Books from Oxford Scholarship Online, University Press Scholarship Online, Oxford Handbooks Online, Very Short Introductions, Oxford Medicine Online, and Oxford Clinical Psychology, as well as the AMA Manual of Style will migrate to Oxford Academic on July 14, 2022.


Scholarly Publishing Collective (SPC)

Duke University Press has announced a partnership with several nonprofit scholarly journal publishers and societies to provide journal services for a collaboration called the Scholarly Publishing Collective (SPC).  SPC will include electronic subscriptions to journals published by Michigan State University Press, Penn State University Press, SBL Press, and the University of Illinois Press (as well as print subscriptions for these and other publishers).

SPC will take responsibility for perpetual content even though some of the Archival content will also remain available in the JSTOR Archival collections.

For more information:

Electronic content for publications hosted under this program migrated from JSTOR to the Scholarly Publishing Collective’s platform, managed by Duke UP and powered by Silverchair, early in 2022.  The migration involved >150 journals.

The Scholarly Publishing Collective’s platform launched to the public on January 4, 2022.

JSTOR links will cease to redirect at the end of March  2022.


Alma Collection ID 615410000000002739

360 DBID                     ZWISI



Skillsoft Books are moving platform from SkillSoft to SkillPort      

Walter DeGruyter

Walter DeGruyter underwent a major platform change in May 2021. We have worked closely with the DeGruyter team to integrate these changes in all Ex Libris products.  If you continue to experience issues please open a Support Case.

There is a known issue in automatically updating some of the DeGruyter targets.  We are continuing to seek solutions.

For more information:

Completed 2021 Q3    
Wolters Kluwer - Law

The Wolters Kluwer - Law - Cheetah platform was been rebranded VitalLaw.  

For more information see:

The new platform was launched 1 November 2021.

Target updates are pending analysis and scheduling

Bristol University Press Bristol University Press is moving from Ingenta Connect to its own independent platform July 31st, 2022    
Artech House Collection  Artech House is about to migration this collection to a new platform on July 6th.      

EBSCOhost has a new interface with new link,

Ebsco has informed that  individual customers should have received multiple emails regarding the migration roadmap so they could properly prepare their users for the new interface.

If they’ve not received these notifications, their Account Executive should be able to help them out.

The current URLs from the title lists navigate to the new platform.

EBSCO has confirmed that there is no need for new title lists. 

Customers need to keep the users informed that there is a new Interface coming.

Here are some helpful FAQs :




Release Notes

360 Release Notes

Alma Release Notes

CDI Release Notes

SFX Release Notes


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