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    360: SAE Revisions -2021-2022

    What is happening to SAE? 

    The SAE targets were revamped and reconfigured in 360 KB to reflect the current state of the SAE platform.

    A new books collections was created:

    •            SAE eBooks [SEBDQ]

    •          The journals target, SAE International Journals [PYD], was updated and is slated to be updated again.    

    Collections names now reflect the content of the target.

    The SAE Mobilus target [SAF] is slated to be removed from the 360 KB and so is SAE eBooks - Legacy Collection [LKOZU] which contains content no longer available on the SAE platform.

    Instead customers should activate all targets included in their respective subscription packages.

    These changes are designed to allow our customers greater clarity and flexibility when activating SAE holdings.

    • Article last edited: 10-March-2021