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    360: What is happening with Cambridge Core links and KBART files?

    Cambridge Core KBART files

    Cambridge is having some issues with their KBART file page. When attempting to download KBART title lists, an error message occurs and the autoloader is unable to download the title list to update the collection.

    Cambridge was notified, and their technical team is working on resolving the issue.

    We will update this article once we have an update from their team.

    Update as of November 19, 2021

    The only KBART title list file that is still experiencing issues on the Cambridge KBART page is the "Cambridge Core All Books" title list. Cambridge has been aware of this issue, and we are checking in regularly with them for any updates. They've stated they are working on a temporary solution, along with a long term fix on the file. We will continue to post any updates to this article. 

    Update as of December 8, 2021

    Cambridge has been able to manually supply an updated KBART for the "Cambridge Core All Books" collection, which our operations team will use to update the collection. Cambridge is still working on fixing the file on their KBART page so we can reinstate automation. 

    Update as of December 15, 2021

    Operations ran a manual update with the supplied KBART, which was part of the 4th December Content Update ( *2021*5200 ) and was released on December 26th. We are still following up with Cambridge to see if the file has been fixed to reinstate automation.

    Update as of February 23, 2022

    Cambridge has fixed the file for the Core All Books KBART, and have uploaded it back to their KBART page. Operations will work on reinstating automation for this collection using this file. 

    Update as of March 10, 2022

    Automation for the "Cambridge Core All Books" collection has been reinstated. The most recent feed will be available as part of the 3rd March Content Update ( 20221200 ), that will be released on March 20th.  

    Starting mid-day September 5th, 2021, we see all links to the Cambridge University Core platform failing with a 503 error message.

    Searches performed directly in the native interface also return "Error 503 Backend fetch failed". Cambridge was notified of the issue.

    On September 6th, Cambridge confirmed that the Core platform was experiencing some issues over the weekend, but that these issues seem to be resolved now.

    Should you still encounter a problem with linking to the Core collections, please open a support ticket.