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    360 KB/Summon: ProQuest Statistical Abstracts (US/World) and Statistical Insight Products from ProQuest: Database Migration, New Collections -- September 2017

    What is happening to multiple ProQuest Statistical Abstracts (US/World) and Statistical Insight Products?

    We have been working with ProQuest to ensure that the collection names and database-level URLs in several databases are correct. As a result, we have made some changes to ProQuest Statistical Abstracts and Statistical Insights and their modules. These changes include a database migration and new collections being added.

    In order to maintain accurate and authoritative provider metadata (based on the 360 KB collection policy), ProQuest Statistical Insight (Database code DXZ) is now hidden. Coverage in Summon will be replaced with granular product level mapping.

    For continued coverage of ProQuest Statistical Insight and ProQuest Statistical Abstracts please ensure you are subscribed to the correct individual modules below that match your ProQuest product subscription.

    ProQuest Statistical Abstracts (US/World):

    Summon coverage remains the same with the exception of additional US databases. For coverage in Summon please track from the following:


    ProQuest Statistical Abstracts of the World


    ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States


    Statistical Abstract of the United States


    U.S. Statistical Abstract: 1970-2012


    U.S. Statistical Abstract: 1929-1969


    U.S. Statistical Abstract: 1878-1928


    ProQuest Statistical Insight:

    For Statistical Insight, In place of DXZ to ensure continued Summon coverage please track from the following:


    ProQuest American Statistics PDF Service


    ProQuest International Statistics PDF Service


    ProQuest Statistical Reference PDF Service


    ProQuest Statistical Insight ASI Abstracts and Indexing


    ProQuest Statistical Insight IIS Abstracts and Indexing


    ProQuest Statistical Insight SRI Abstracts and Indexing


    ProQuest Statistical Insight - Tables


    ProQuest Statistical Business Content


    Action you need to take:

    • Update the holdings in your Intota or Client Center profile by subscribing to the new database instead of the old database.  For information on how to update your profile, and considerations prior to removing the old database from your profile:
      • Intota users click here.
      • Client Center users click here.
    • If you are a 360 MARC Updates client and have requested the custom specification that adds direct URLs or database specific information to MARC records, you can expect to see some change records when you get your next MARC record set.

    • Article last edited: 15-Sep-2017