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    360 KB: ProQuest Database Acquisition and Collection Policy

    • Product: 360 KB

    What types of resources does ProQuest track in 360 KB?

    ProQuest tracks full-text serials and monographs organized into collections (known in 360 KB as databases). These databases are associated with a provider through which the titles are accessed.

    "Full-text coverage" means that the date ranges we specify should have entire texts available, not just abstracts or citations. If a significant number of articles are missing from an issue, we may attempt to split the dates for that title to show the gap in coverage. If a significant number of articles are missing across the run of a title, the title may be removed to facilitate accurate linking.

    For information on non-full text databases, please see 360 KB: Zero-Titles Databases.

    We work with content providers and consortia to represent packages/collections/databases of content that multiple libraries purchase as a set unit (examples include ProQuest Central, EBSCO Academic Search Premier, Taylor & Francis Science and Technology Library, and so forth). This makes it easy for libraries to quickly and seamlessly obtain updates, title additions/deletions, and date and URL changes.

    • We may also need to adjust the titles lists as received by providers, for example excluding non-full-text or non-serial/monograph titles, or accounting for title splits, so please keep this in mind as you are reviewing database title counts.

    • For information on how to set up databases which are custom to your library (Library-Specific), see this article for 360 Core customers, and this article for Intota customers.

    • Please see this article for our consortia-specific databases policy.

    Criteria for New Full-Text Database Inclusion in the 360 KB

    • Title list data must be supplied or made available by the provider or consortia contact

    • ProQuest/Ex Libris must have a point-of-contact at the provider and either a publicly accessible site to acquire title list data, or files available via FTP

    • The collection is comprised of full-text serials, monographs, videos, or a combination

    • ProQuest/Ex Libris must have the means to be able to process regular updates of databases. This includes having regular, consistent access to the title list updates, and title lists containing all of our required metadata points in one of the following formats: KBART, Excel, XML, Text Tab/Comma/Pipe Delimited, MARC (books only)

    • We do not accept the following: Word docs; PDFs

    • We highly prefer and recommend all title list metadata be in KBART format. Please see the KBART documentation on how to properly format title list metadata to comply with KBART standards.

    • For more detailed information for providers on 360 KB metadata requirements, please see the KB Content Submission Guide.

    If you want a new full-text database added to 360 KB, and it meets the requirements above, please use the Ex Libris Support Portal option near the top of this page to create a case in our system.

    Case Submission Guidelines

    If you want to add a new full-text database to 360 KB please, see the request submission guidelines.


    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 23-Jan-2017
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