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    360 KB: All databases from Knowledge Unlatched: Title-Level URL Domain Change -- July 2019

    What is happening to the URL linking syntax of all databases from Provider Knowledge Unlatched?

    The provider Knowledge Unlatched has changed the title-level linking syntax for all of their databases. The following databases are affected:

    Database Name Database Code
    Knowledge Unlatched Pilot Collection MA~
    Knowledge Unlatched Round 2 ABUQY
    Kollektion FID Jüdische Studien / Collection FID Jewish Studies AKOAD
    KU Open Services ACOOH
    KU Select 2016 BKXVW
    KU Select 2017 AYFEW
    Language Science Press 2018-2020 ADRJQ

    Therefore, we will be changing the title-level linking syntax in the Knowledgebase. The content of the database will remain the same.

    This change will take effect on July 31, 2019:


    Actions you may need to take:

    • Make sure that either or * is included in your proxy configuration before July 31, 2019.
    • If you are a 360 MARC Updates client and have requested the custom specification that adds direct URLs to MARC records, you can expect to see some change records when you get your MARC records after July 31, 2019.

    • Article last edited: 29-July-2019