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    360 KB: Client Submitted Title List Policy

    Why can't you load the title list I supplied?


    Thank you for supplying a title list attached to a case but we cannot load it into the knowledgebase, as our best practice is to load title lists from providers.



    As a general rule we cannot load title lists from clients, for a few reasons:



    • The list may be specific to your own institution


    • The list may have metadata that differs from what the provider supplies


    • The list may not contain all the metadata fields we require or have it structured in a way that does not allow for automatic processing


    • Manually uploading title lists is not a sustainable method for regular updates; we prefer to automate updates via FTP or other agreed location with providers


    The exception to this policy is consortium-owned title lists. If you are a member of a consortium and manage the title list, we will be happy to load the title list specific to your consortium as long as the below criteria are met:



    • The consortium title list differs significantly in coverage or content from existing title lists in the knowledgebase.


    • A representative of the consortium acts as our contact for all addition/changes/updates.


    • The maintenance can be automated; meaning, a consortium representative uploads lists on a regular basis to an FTP site (or provide a fixed location from which we can pull the lists regularly).



    • Article last edited: 20-June-2022