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    360 KB: ProQuest Primary Sources Access and Build Collections

    What are ProQuest Primary Sources Access and Build Collections?

    ProQuest Primary Sources Access and Build collections make available a wide variety of ProQuest databases, with different options allowing institutions to balance broad access and ownership according to their priorities. They include primary source content spanning historical newspapers, historical periodicals and magazines, historical books, manuscripts, U.S. and UK Government Documents, archival collections and more. Primary Sources Access and Build meets researchers’ and students’ need to access varied content types across the humanities and social sciences. Institutions may select some of these databases for ownership each year. Primary Sources Access comprises the same databases as Access and Build but this is on a subscription-only basis. Primary Sources Access-Foundation offers subscription access to a selection of core, foundational resources for research and teaching.

    You can view a list of the Primary Sources Access and Build collections, along with their database IDs, below. Please note that most institutions should select the “International” version of the relevant collection; the “MEA” versions apply only to those in the Middle East and Africa.

    When you select the database ID for your institution’s plan, all of the databases in that plan will be discoverable, with one click, in either PRIMO or Summon. Access and Build and Access plans are updated each quarter with new databases that launched in the previous quarter. Access-Foundation is updated once per year, when 5-7 new databases are included in that option. The discovery packages are updated each quarter, when new products roll into the plans, but we do recommend that you make sure that your discovery service is showing these new databases at the start of your contract year.

    If you have questions or problems, please contact ProQuest Technical Support at

    Database Name DB ID
    Primary Sources Access and Build (Plan A) – International PGXDX
    Primary Sources Access and Build (Plan A) – MEA PAWZZ
    Primary Sources Access (Plan D) – International PAWHS
    Primary Sources Access (Plan D) – MEA PMHAD
    Primary Sources Access-Foundation Edition (Plan E) – International PIHIL
    Primary Sources Access-Foundation Edition (Plan E) – MEA PZGFC


    • Article last edited: October 7, 2022