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    360 KB: Representation of Provider Data for Preceding and Succeeding Serials Titles

    • Product: 360 KB

    How does 360 KB represent preceding and succeeding serials titles?

    The 360 KB knowledgebase staff at ProQuest sometimes split serials holdings into separate preceding and succeeding titles/ISSNs, to accord with CONSER records on title splits, and to ensure that patrons are able to find content for the full range of titles available to them for a specified date range.

    In some cases, providers represent content for several preceding and succeeding titles under one title-level URL. Therefore, in reviewing holdings for titles that have changed over time, you may notice that the URLs for several preceding and succeeding titles all link to one provider URL (often, the provider URL links to the most current name for the title). In other cases, you may notice that the dates of coverage in 360 KB have been corrected to account for title splits, or that the holding you are searching for in a particular database has been corrected to the actual title and ISSN under which content is available in that package.

    If you would like to request representation for a particular title split within 360 KB, use the Support Portal option
    near the top of this page. Select the following:

    Service: 360 KB
    Category: Title Splits

    If you would like to add a Public Note to a journal holding to indicate title split information to patrons, see these instructions.


    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 20-Feb-2014
    • Old Article Number: 8594