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    360 KB: Requesting to Add and Delete Titles to Databases in the Knowledgebase

    • Product: 360 KB

    If you encounter titles that are not in a database in the Knowledgebase or discover ones that should be deleted, we appreciate you informing us so we can update the Knowledgebase accordingly.

    Use the Support Portal (accessible from the More Sites drop-down menu above) to notify us.  To route your case efficiently, on the Submit a Case form please select 360 KB as the asset.


    When you have multiple titles to inform us about, use the spreadsheet so that you can easily send us all your requests at once.  The fields in the spreadsheet are below.  Providing us with as much of the metadata listed below will expedite our ability to update the Knowledgebase.

    Metadata Description
    Database Code The ProQuest database code for the database you are requesting we add the title to.  When you view the database in your Client Center or Intota profile, you should see the code.  Most often it is a three character code.
    Type Monograph or serial.
    ISBN13 If the item is a monograph, please include its ISBN13.
    ISSN If the item is a serial, please include its ISSN.
    Date Published  
    Date Start Date from which the database begins full text coverage of the serial.
    Date End Date at which the database ends full text coverage of the serial.
    URL URL for the item in the database.



    When you submit the case you will receive email notification that we have successfully received the case and it has been assigned a case number for future reference.


    • Date Created: 30-Sep-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 18-Oct-2016
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