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    Adding a new Alma institution as an External resource.

    For Optimal searching, using an advanced technology, a New Alma institution will be added only as SRU (Search/Retrieve via URL) resource, and not as z39.50 as we did in the past. 

    Note: an institution must turn on the SRU target functionality. By default, it is not enabled. This is done by defining a “SRU” external profile in Alma. (for more information please see here and here)

    When requesting a new Alma External resource

    Please supply us with the following information of the requested external resource: 

    • Name  

    • Resource short Description 

    • Link to the requested library’s main search page (Usually a link to the Primo search page)

    • MARC Record type (UNIMARC/MARC 21 etc.) 

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