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    Alma CZ: Royal Society Collection Changes - July 2022

    Question: What is happening to the Royal Society collections in Alma CZ?


    In response to numerous customer requests the Royal Society targets were revamped in SFX/Alma 

    The objective is to reflect Royal Society's complex sales model outlined at:

    but also offer customers a simple activation option.

    ROYAL_SOCIETY_PUBLISHING  was renamed ROYAL_SOCIETY_PUBLISHING_PAID [611000000000002359].  Note that the update led to a reduction in the number of portfolios. It is recommended that libraries that activate ROYAL_SOCIETY_PUBLISHING_PAID, also activate ROYAL_SOCIETY_PUBLICATIONS_FREE [614910000000003121].  This configuration will provide access to both the paid and the free content with complete coverage details.

    Alternatively, subscribers have the option of activating ROYAL_SOCIETY_PACKAGE_S [613790000000001159] which includes all paid and free Royal Society content.  This simplified target displays fewer thresholds and does not differentiate between paid and free content.

    In addition, all customers are encouraged to activate ROYAL_SOCIETY_OPEN_ACCESS_JOURNALS [613790000000001161] which provides access to the fully Open Access journals. 

    Whom do I contact for assistance?

    • If you are having issues with missing titles or broken links, open a case with Ex Libris Content Support for the Alma Data Services Team


    • Article last edited: 06-OCT-2022
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