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    Managing the "Is free?" field for databases in Alma

    Ex Libris has offers the "Is free?" field for zero-title databases in the Community Zone for the use of our community members. This field is part of collections and databases activation process.

    As opposed to collections, Ex Libris often maintains zero-title databases independently, without coordinating with the content provider and at the request of our community members. These databases, which utilize a general link, don't provide portfolios and are not automatically updated. 

    As these databases are created independent from the providers and mainly for ERM purposes, we don't have information on their availability or subscription restrictions.

    However, we understand that this designation can be a useful resource for our community members in order to manage local acquisition details. Therefore, librarians have the ability to configure the "is free?" field based on their specific requirements and access, rather than relying on Ex Libris for that information. 


    • Article last edited: 18-DEC-2023