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    National Academies Press Collections Update - January 2021

    National Academies Press collections have been revised.  

    The National Academies Press targets have been combined into a single target National Academies Press.

    National Academies Press Paid Publications is changing name to National Academies Press in week 06.

    National Academies Press Free is being removed in week 09.

    Customers should verify that the newly revised target is activated in their registration systems.

    The combined target includes titles with restricted full text content, as well as many titles for which free PDF downloads and/or a Read Online option are available.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to identify in advance which records include these options. 

    Many of the approximately 10,000 books available at lack the necessary rights for inclusion in ExLibris' Delivery Products. Thus, the newly updated target includes around 5000 titles.


    • Article last edited: 26-JAN-2021