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    New "Management Level" Indication for Community Zone Collections


    A new "Management level" indicator on Community Zone collections will be set to inform the user who is responsible for the management of the collection.
    The indication will help librarians decide what to do with additions, deletions and edits.
    There are five types of collection management:
    1. Managed by Ex Libris
    2. Community Managed
    3. Not maintained (The vendor no longer supports this collection)
    4. Pending deletion (the deletion date will be added next to this value)
    5. Contributed collections
    This indication will help users understand who is responsible for the upkeep of the collection.
    Please be advised that the "Report to Ex Libris" action remains available only for collections managed by Ex Libris.


    Community Managed Collections

    These collections have Bulk::Bulk parsers, and the portfolios are hosted on a variety of platforms.
    Currently, these are the collections that are categorized as 'Managed by Community.
    1. Free E- Journals – collection ID 61110976638852340
    2. Miscellaneous Ejournals – collection ID   61111016833201000
    3. Miscellaneous Free eBooks – collection ID 611000000000001091
    4. Miscellaneous eBooks – collection ID 611000000000001090
    5. U.S. Government Documents – collection ID 613170000000000069
    6. Freely Accessible Business Journals – collection ID 615280000000001780
    7. Freely Accessible General Interest Journals – collection ID 615280000000001781
    8. Freely Accessible Arts & Humanities Journals – collection ID 615280000000001779
    9. Freely Accessible Social Science Journals – collection ID 615280000000001783
    10. Freely Accessible Science Journals – collection ID 615280000000001782
    11. Freely Accessible Medical Journals – collection ID 614910000000003147
    12. – Collection ID: 613780000000001293
    13. Universal Library - Collection ID: 613790000000001215

    For these collections, users can create, edit and delete Community Zone portfolios.
    Linking an electronic portfolio to a bibliographic record in your institution zone will not change the Community Zone collection, and will only impact your Institution Zone. 
    To edit Community Zone bibliographic records use the MD editor.
    Please be aware that any update done with the MD editor will impact the bibliographic record in the community managed collection for the entire Community Zone.
    The option to delete a portfolio can be found in:
    1. On the Community Zone portfolio.
    2. Enhancement to the existing Delete action on Institution Zone portfolios that are activated from the five Community Zone collections.
    The option to delete portfolios from community managed collections will enable full community independence over these collections and content.
    “Not Maintained” collections
    These collections no longer receive regular updates from the content providers, but as the links are still working and the records are usable, the collections are being kept as "Not Maintained".
    The parser for these collections use linking syntax, so they will not be changed to "Community Managed".
    These collections are defined as  "Not Maintained":
    1. Taylor & Francis Journals Complete - Collection ID: 611000000000001432
    2. Learntechlib journals; collection ID: 611000000000001905
    3. Learntechlib monographs; Collection ID: 613820000000000048
    4. Oxford University Press Digital Archive; Collection ID: 611000000000000719
    5. Bacon Cyberlibris Couperin Sciences Humaines Et Sociales; Collection ID: 614330000000000905

    “Contributed by institution” collections

    Collections that are contributed by institutions appear on this page.
    Please use the relevant contact information for reporting any issues for contributed collections directly to the contributing institution.
    If there is no contact info, please open a case titled “contributed collection missing contact info”.
    If we will not be able to find an active contact for maintaining the collection, we will change it’s management level to “not maintained”.

    • Article last edited: 07-Dec-2022