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    What is Happening with the vLex Journals Collection?

    Alma: What is Happening with the vLex Journals Collection?

    The location for downloading the vLex journals titles list that we were instructed to use by provider is no longer functional. 

    Provider's sales model is mostly regional and we are planning to add the regional journals collections to support this model. 

    We have attempted downloading vLex regional journals title lists from other locations, but these downloads either result in an empty file (with a header line only) or with the files that have the coverage dates, but do not include volume and issue information. In addition, the coverage dates in these files are supplied in a single column, not allowing for updating the Start and End Dates parameters in the knowledgebase. Coverage threshold information is mandatory for loading the serials content into our knowledgebase, thus these files cannot be used for initial load and the subsequent updates. 

    We have notified vLex about this issue and they have responded that they are investigating it and will get back to us as soon as possible. However, as of December 5th, they do not yet have a timeline for this issue's resolution. We will provide further update once we have a definitive information from the provider.

    Update (January 18th, 2024): Regional journals KBART files are now downloading with content, however, the majority of these files include multiple monograph entries. Provider was notified about this contradiction and will work on correcting this issue. 

    At this time, provider only includes in KBART files serial titles that have an assigned ISSN identifier, which means that the KBART files may not include some of the serial titles you may have purchased. 

    • Article last edited: 14-MAR-2024
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