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    What is happening to IOS Press Collections in Alma Knowledgebase?

    30-Nov-2023 update: 

    After further discussions with IOS Press, we have come to an agreement to keep their collections as "Managed by Ex Libris".

    We greatly appreciate your feedback in this matter, and view this as yet another instance where transparent collaboration with the community and content providers leads to positive outcomes for all involved parties.

    There are no changes to the status of IOS Press collections.

    Alma: What is happening to IOS Press Collections in Alma Knowledgebase?

    IOS Press have informed us that they will no longer provide title lists for our products (including linking information, coverage etc.). After multiple requests from the customer community, we have contacted them again, and they have agreed to re-consider this decision. However, at present, we have no specific timeline for receiving the most up-to-date title lists for their collections. 

    In order to avoid loss of the existing data and to allow for updates in the future, IOS Press collections mentioned below will be kept in Alma and in other Ex Libris Knowledgebase products.

    • IOS Press Books Online
    • IOS Press Books Series
    • IOS Press Journals


    • Article last edited: 28-NOV-2023
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