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    Higher-Ed-Platform Performance and Uptime Report for AP01 Instance (APAC) - Q1 2022


    Uptime and Performance Quarterly Reports are published each quarter to provide a comprehensive view of our uptime and system performance. 

    This document details the uptime and performance report for the Higher-Ed-Platform (Alma, Primo VE, Leganto, Esploro) AP01 in APAC

    Uptime is measured over the last three (3) months and over the last twelve (12) months.The report measures our uptime as defined in the Service Level Agreement.
    System Performance is measured over the last three (3) months. The report measures our system performance for various products and in various system online activities such as UI screens and APIs.

    Performance Report

    For Alma, Leganto, Primo VE:

    The system performance as measured on server side, on a rolling 3 month basis for January 2022 - March 2022:

    Product Average (seconds) 95% of all activity is faster than... (seconds) What is being measured?

    0.82 sec

    2.47 sec

    Staff user screens and online transactions


    1.10 sec

     3.11 sec

     Search and full item details transactions


     0.23 sec

     0.50 sec

     End-user resource list transactions

    Higher-Ed Cloud Platform

    0.18  sec

    0.52 sec

     API transactions for the platform products


    How is the Performance Calculated?

    "Transaction Time" means the time a transaction takes place (in milliseconds) from when it is received by the system, until the system processes and returns a response, measured on the server.
    The average performance calculation is based on the following calculation




    The 95% measure is calculated by aggregating all relevant transactions, ordering them from smallest to largest, and then identifying the time that 95% out of all transactions are faster (less) than this time. 
    Note that the performance measures are measured across all institutions within the instance. 

    • An API call to Higher-Ed Cloud Platform: from the time a request was received in the system until the full API response (in whatever format chosen) was processed and sent back to the calling application
    • The ‘All Titles’ screen in Alma: from the time the search query was received in the system until the full result was processed and the page of actual results was generated and sent back to the browser for rendering.
    • The resource list display in Leganto: from the time that the system receives a request for a resource list until the list is generated and sent back to the browser for rendering. 

    Uptime Report

    The uptime measured on a rolling 12 month basis April 2021- March 2022 is 99.90%

    The uptime measured on a rolling 3 month basis January 2022 - March 2022 is 99.75%

    Please note our System Uptime Status page, which allows our customers to view the current status of their instance/environment at any time, using the following link:



    Unscheduled downtime incidents in Q1 2022


    Start time


    End time




    January 02, 2022  14:50 PM 15:40 PM 50

    We at Ex Libris are constantly trying to improve our network environment and to provide a better and optimal services to our customers. As part of these improvements, we have recently redesigned and upgraded part of the Singapore DC network and are in process of transitioning to advanced technologies.

    We chose to do this activity during the holidays and in between semesters in order to minimize the impact on our customers.

    After an in-depth investigation done by Ex Libris engineers to understand the root cause of the recent events, we found that the latest events were a result of an unexpected load in one of the network components.

    On December 20th, after the first event a malfunction issue was identified in a specific network device that was addressed together with the vendor, we enabled the redundant network device to bring the service back up again Even after the service was up and running again, we decided to continue monitoring the environment to make sure the issue won't occur again.

    After the January 3, 2022 event we found that the malfunction was only one symptom and the source of the problem was a load created on the network which impacted the network devices. It was discovered that before each service disruption, there was a huge load peak of traffic from a specific component which caused the service disruption. The root cause of the issue was fixed and, in addition, some protections were applied to reduce the chances of this issue reoccurring.

    We will continue monitoring the environment to make sure the issue is resolved.

    January 03, 2022 08:52 AM  09:30 AM 38
    January 27, 2022 03:16 AM 03:51 AM 35

    A service disruption was experienced due to a misconfiguration issue done by the ISP during a scheduled network activity,

    Ex Libris cloud engineers worked closely with the ISP on this issue until they fixed it and the service was up again.

    03:56 AM 04:06 AM 10
    February 5, 2022 00:12 AM 00:47 AM 35

    The intermittent service was due to a load on the database caused by a non-optimized DB query.

    Ex Libris Cloud engineers identified and killed the problematic sessions and the service has returned to normal operation.

    February 17, 2022 07:45 AM 08:48 AM 63

    After an in-depth investigation done by Ex Libris engineers together with the Vendor experts to determine the root cause of this recent event, we found a similar malfunction behavior as reported in our January 3, 2022 RCA. Unfortunately, a service disruption occurred despite the implementation of all vendor recommendations.

    The issue appears to be a malfunction in one of the components and we are working along with the Vendor to fully identify the root cause and to deploy a permanent fix.

    Please note:  The latest service disruption on Saturday February 26th  occurred before the full implementation of the latest vendor recommendations 

    February 26, 2022 12:38 PM 13:10 PM 32

    Scheduled downtimes during maintenance windows in Q1 2022 

    Start Date

    Day of week

    Start Time


    End Time


    Duration (Minutes)

    January 09, 2022 Sunday 12:01 AM 12:40 AM 39
    January 16, 2022 Sunday 12:01 AM 12:38 AM 37
    February 06, 2022 Sunday 12:01 AM 13:08 AM 67
    February 13, 2022 Sunday 02:44 AM 03:09 AM 25
    February 13, 2022 Sunday 05:30 AM 05:48 AM 18
    March 06, 2022 Sunday 01:55 AM 02:30 AM 35
    March 13, 2022 Sunday 12:00 AM 12:26 AM 26

    Total unscheduled downtime minutes during the past 12 months 


    Total unscheduled downtime in Quarter (minutes)

    Q2 2021 107
    Q3 2021 0
    Q4 2021 142
    Q1 2022 325

    How is Uptime Calculated?

    The uptime calculation is based on the following calculation (as defined in the Service Level Agreement):

    "Uptime" means the total period in minutes during which the Service is available for access and use during this period.


    Uptime Percentage” means Uptime expressed as a percentage, calculated in accordance with the following formula:   


     Uptime Percentage = X /(Y–Z) × 100    


      X = Uptime

      Y = Last 12 months period

      Z = The duration (in minutes) of any SLA Exclusions* during these 12 months


    *SLA exclusions are defined in the contract SLA (e.g. Scheduled maintenance, etc.)

    Further Information

    If you have any queries on the information within this report please contact Ex Libris through your usual channel.

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