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    Apostrophes in Digitool Repository Replications

    • Product: Digitool
    • Product Version: All Versions
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare


    Apostrophes (') are included in the Repository Index and are NOT normalized.


    If you wish to use a value in a field in repository_replication.xml which includes an apostrophe it must be expressed as the UTF-8 code. If you do not do this the replication will not throw any errors, but it will do NOTHING if there is an apostrophe character in any field.


    Example *_idx.xml for such a record:

    <Label>dogz jpg</Label>
    <Note>directory /exlibris/dtl/j3 1/digitool/home/profile/units/dtl02/load/load ing2802/ingest/streams/ modification date mon mar 26 09 02 14 idt 2018</Note>
    <IngestName>dogs for oai test</IngestName>
    <createDate>20180326 0902</createDate>
    <modificationDate>20180326 0908</modificationDate>
    <ModifiedBy>super staff</ModifiedBy>
    <Title>dogz jpg</Title>
    <Creator>kadosh baruchu</Creator>
    <Subject>biblioteca musicale</Subject>
    <Subject>opere d'arte</Subject>


    repository_replication.xml Examples:

    In repository_replication.xml we want to include a "Subject" field containing the phrase "Opere d'arte"

    If we define it like this, the replication will fail to do anything:

    <field key="Subject" op="within">opere d'arte</field>


    If we define it like this, with the UTF-8 code U+0027, it will work:

    <field key="Subject" op="within">opere dU+0027;arte</field>



    For examples of other UTF-8 character codes see:


    Please also note that repository indexing uses normalization rules governed by various java classes which may remove some special characters


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