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    Can't create thumbnails/ full-text indexes from some PDFs, why?:

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: DigiTool
    • Product Version: 3

    I am attempting to create thumbnails and full-text indexes from the image layer of some PDFs and the attached are problemmatic.

    I uploaded these PDFs to my DTL server and did the following:

    > -resize 150x150 'Nordberg.pdf[0]' '_Nordberg_pdf_thumbnail.jpg'

    You will see an error message.

    I also loaded a pdf to the same directory that does enable thumbnail creation, for comparison (this file works):

    > -resize 150x150
    'flamingo.pdf[0]' '_flamingo_pdf_thumbnail.jpg'

    What is different about these two file such that I can create a thumbanil during ingest for one of them but not the other?

    Older PDFs many times do not have either an image layer (from which the thumnail is generated) or a text layer (from which the full-text index is generated).
    In this case, the file from which a thumbnail cannot be created has fonts that are not supported by the existing DTL script (this is currently in development).
    In the meantime we suggest that you find another program to create thumbnail from pdf (e.g. such as Imagmagic or Ghostscript).
    If you have 3rd program like that you can integrateit it in DigiTool instead of Imagmagic and Ghostscript.
    This issue is still open and was escalated to Development for further investigation <2009-10-25 01:00:03>.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013