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Digitool Service Pack 3.4.4


Digitool Service Pack 3.4.4 is available for general release from our FTP servers.

The main focus of this service pack is to add full support for Internet Explorer 11 to the management web interfaces of Digitool.

Release Notes

The release notes for Service pack 3.4.4 are available here:

DigiTool 3.4 - SP04 Release Notes.pdf

Service Pack Installation Instructions

Instructions about the installation of the service pack are to be found in chapter 8 of the Digitool System Administration Guide,

which can be downloaded here:

DigiTool System Administration Guide.pdf

Important Notes

No update of Meditor components is required for this service pack.

It is essential to run following the installation of the service pack and before restarting Digitool.

To run

Whilst Digitool is not running, type the following commands at the Unix terminal as dtl user:


(to switch to the directory where the script is located. Usually /exlibris/dtl/j3_1/digitool/home/system/bin)


Then restart Digitool.