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Enable PDF Delivery to mobile devices from Digitool


This article explains how to enable the delivery of PDF files to mobile devices such as the Apple iPad, and Android tablets by the creation of a dedicated delivery rule in Digitool.

Step 1 - Create new Delivery Rule

In the Digitool Web Management interface log in to the repository Admin Unit. In the "Delivery" tab, click on "Add New Delivery Rule".


Example of delivery rule for PDF via mobile devices:



Note the "For Mobile devices only" check box.

The rule should be placed earlier in the order than the regular pdf delivery rule. (The above example was placed as "1" in the order).
Don't forget that it the rule must be enabled!!!

Step 2 - Run Reload Repository Configuration

To make the configuration take effect you must run Reload Repository Configuration.

This may be done either in the Unix terminal:



Or alternatively run the reload Repository Configuration job from the "Maintenance" tab of the management web interface