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How to add an advanced search field in Resource Discovery


Default fields are available in the drop down menu, but more can be added.



Here we shall add the dcterms:audience field to available advanced search fields in the drop-down box.

Step 1 - Locate the field in the Management module

Add field to DC Fields in Management > Common


It is important to note the Silo Code, and to check “Add to Silo Harvester”

If you want the fields also to be indexed in the repository, mark "Add to Repository Index & Search"

Step 2 - Assign the field to the specific field code

Assign the field to the appropriate word indexes (field codes) in tab11_word


All fields are set by default to general word index WRD:


Use W?? structure for the new field code which must be unique. In this example WAU for audience.

Step 3 - Define the field code and name

Define the field code and name for index in $user_dev/gen01/tab/tab00.lng


tab00.lng – “ing” = language suffix, eg., English: tab00.eng

Note: Again codes must be unique!

Step 4 - Update the word index to activate the change

From Meditor services menu run manage-91


This may take some time to run and the library will be locked (resource discovery will be unavailable) whilst doing so.


Note: Harvest from scratch will also run this process.

Step 5 - Add field to advanced search field drop-down list

Add the field code (as defined in tab00.lng) and filed name as you wish it to appear to <find_codes> section in $user_dev/gen01/tab/www_r_silo_conf.xml


Restart the web server (start_w in the terminal) to activate the change.