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Scheduled harvests are not running, and can't start the batch queue


No jobs are running including scheduled harvests.
You see that the batch queue is off and you try to restart it, but with no success

To check the batch queue:

>dlib gen01

util > C > 1


When the batch queue is running the output will contain these two processes:

 *** util_c_01 - check GEN01 batch queue ***

 3048 ?        S      1:09 /exlibris/dtl/d3_1/dtl/exe/lib_batch GEN01
 3406 ?        S      0:00 /exlibris/dtl/d3_1/dtl/exe/rts32 ue_01_a GEN01.d3_1


To restart the batch queue:

>dlib gen01

util > C > 2



The file /exlibris/dtl/u3_1/gen01/files/lib_batch_log reached its maximum, 2GB.


Delete or back-up this file and then run:

>dlib gen01

util > C > 2

To restart the batch queue.

Check that it's running with util > C > 1

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