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    Alma Digital and Esploro Products Comparison

    • Product: Alma Digital, Esploro, Cross-product



    What are the functional differences between Alma Digital and Esploro?


    Alma Digital ("Alma-D") is part of the Alma Unified Resource Management (URM) Framework.
    Alma-D provides management of digital resources, including any type of format, primarily images, videos, sound recordings, and textual files.
    With Alma and Alma-D, the library is able to manage print, electronic, and digital resources using a single system.
    While digital research assets can be stored in Alma-D, it is not designed specifically for research asset management.

    Esploro is a Research Information Management (RIM) system, with a comprehensive research repository at its core.
    It simplifies and enhances the process of capturing, managing, and promoting the institution’s research output, and enables the tracking of research performance.
    It is designed specifically to support research asset management, and offers additional functionality to support broad research information management, including Researcher Profiles. 
    Esploro can be integrated with Alma based on business needs.

    Please refer to the comparison table below:


    Alma Digital
    Digital resource management system

    Research Information Management system


    Digital asset repository management and discovery

    Research impact: research information, output, and researchers


    All Digital Content
    Cultural Heritage Items

    Research Assets Only.
    Any assets that are the product of, or represent, scholarship from the institution.
    Manages additional entities aside from only assets – grants, projects, research activities, media mentions, and more

    Data Model

    MARC / Dublin Core / MODS /
    DC application profiles 

    Esploro Format tailored for research needs. Based mainly on DataCite and Dublin Core

    Deposit Options

    • Manual deposit Individual records by library staff or patrons

    • Import Profiles (bulk deposit): Enhanced options to both merge and overlay MARC records; Overlay Dublin Core / MODS

    • Digital Uploader tool

    • API

    • Manual deposit individual assets by library staff or researchers.

    • Import Profiles: Records can be imported and matched based on generic match routine. Merge and overlay records are on the roadmap.

    • Smart Expansion: CDI (CSV), RIS/BibTex bibliographical lists. (ORCID is planned for the future)

    • Smart harvesting:


    DOI Minting

    Title-level HANDLE identifier generation and submission

    Full integration via CrossRef, DataCite, and HANDLE


    Digital resources grouped by Collections

    Many to many relationship between different Esploro entities: assets, researchers, organization units. Projects is being developed

    User Record

    Alma user record; no researcher-specific fields

    Extension of Alma user records; researcher-specific fields (e.g., ORCIDs, affiliations, CV, etc.)



    Researcher Profiles


    Discovery system (Primo / Summon / OAI-PMH compliant system)

    Dedicated Research Portal
    OAI-PMH compliant systems
    Google Scholar


    2 Reporting Areas:

    • Digital Inventory

    • Digital usage

    6 Reporting Areas

    • Research Assets

    • Research Asset Usage

    • Grants

    • Researchers

    • Projects

    • Smart harvesting

    Analytics dashboards for Research executives
    Planned analytics for the researchers on their profiles

    Integration: ProQuest ETDs

    On-going work for automatic deposit into Alma D via ETDAdmin or publishing directly from Alma D to PQDT.

    Full integration; automatic deposit into Esploro repository from ETD Administrator; publishing directly from Esploro to PQTD.




    Planned integration to share data and interface with Pivot




    Option for researchers to register with ORCID. Future two-way integration with ORCID to import asset and researcher data from ORCID profile to Esploro profile and vice versa


    APC Management


    Planned integration with external vendors


    Journal Publishing


    Planned integration with external vendors


    Additional Information

    Alma-D Documentation

    Esploro Documentation


    • Article last edited: 21-Oct-2021