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    360 Counter and Intota: Data Retrieval Service (DRS) Timeframe for Uploading Counter Reports

    • Product: 360 Counter

    The Counter usage reports that the DRS service uploads to my profile (Client Center or Intota) - when can I expect the reports to be uploaded?

    The Data Retrieval Service (DRS) uploads Counter usage reports twice a year.

    The timing of the upload and consolidation into the Intota Assessment reporting tool also depends upon the timeliness at which the provider makes its COUNTER reports available for downloading, and the necessary time for the DRS service to review and properly format providers' reports for uploading to your Client Center or Intota profile.  Below is the expected timeframe for new reports to be uploaded and consolidated into your Intota Assessment usage and cost reports:
    Frequency of DRS Uploads Expected Timeframe For Example
    Semi-Annually 1-2 months following the six months of interest H1 reports (January though June) should be available in Intota Assessment between between August and October; Annual reports (January through December) should be available between February and April of the following year. The timing depends on the priority level of your institution on the DRS collection list. Also see this article for more information.
    As with any scheduled process, these timeframes are estimates only, and are subject to change. For information about changes to this schedule, and to receive other information about Counter reports, Client Center users should join the Manage listserv and Intota users should join the Intota Online Community, details available here.

    Your library will always be notified via a Support Center case when the DRS service has completed a scheduled round of report uploads. Your library also has the option of manually uploading individual provider usage reports at any time. Manual upload instructions are available here for Client Center users and here for Intota users.


    • Date Created: 14-Aug-2015
    • Last Edited Date: 28-Sep-2020
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