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    Intota: Data Retrieval Service (DRS)

    • Product: Intota

    Where can I find information about using Intota's Data Retrieval Service?

    This document is for libraries using Intota to manage their profile. Libraries using the Client Center should click here.

    The Intota Data Retrieval Service (DRS) is a subscription service hosted by us that is available to institutions that subscribe to Intota.
    This is a legacy service and is no longer available to new subscribers.
    What does DRS do:
    DRS retrieves, cleans, and uploads your Project-COUNTER-compliant usage statistics from various vendors/providers/publishers into Intota, using the following two retrieval methods:
    What DRS does not do:
    • Upload usage statistics from non-COUNTER-compliant providers. A usage-statistics report from a provider that is not COUNTER-compliant can be uploaded, but it is a complex process to make the report Project-COUNTER compliant.

    • Make subjective changes to your usage data, such as removing titles you may not subscribe to, or de-duplicating platform spreadsheets such as American Academy of Pediatrics and Highwire.

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    Frequency and Timing of DRS Uploads

    The standard frequency of uploading usage-statistics reports is twice a year, covering the first half of the calendar year (January through June) and the full calendar year (January through December), respectively. A different twice-a-year reporting schedule is available upon request.

    We will usually notify you of completion of uploads five to six weeks after the completed time period. For example, we complete the January to June usage reports in the first or second week of August, and the full-year usage reports are uploaded by mid-February. This delay is primarily due to differences in when providers make their statistics available: Some providers post statistics as soon as the month is over, while others do not post statistics until the end of the following month.

    The Reporting Frequency field (located at the bottom of the DRS Form page) can only be edited by our staf and it is a legacy setting that is no longer relevant, given that Administration-Based harvesting happens two times a year for all customers.

    After Completing the DRS Request Form for the First Time

    If you are a new Intota client, we will perform the first retrieval and upload of usage-statistics reports as soon as you let us know you are done filling out the DRS Request Form . Ongoing uploads will then be based on your predetermined schedule.

    For the first batch of records, you don't need to fill out the DRS Request Form for all the providers if you don't have easy access to the complete access information for some providers. Instead, you can choose to have us only retrieve reports from those providers for which you have complete access information so you can have better understanding of how Intota works. Those providers for which you later fill out information in the DRS Request Form will part of the next regular retrieval and upload, but not in the initial load.

    When you are ready for us to perform the first retrieval, notify the DRS specialist who sent you the DRS welcome email by replying directly to the email. Within three weeks, you will be notified by email that your usage reports have been uploaded to Intota. Notification will include mention of any problems we encountered, and it will also include the raw report files we retrieved from your providers.

    We recommend saving a copy of the raw report files in case you need to refer to them at a later date.

    Updating Your DRS Requests

    If you need to change you DRS order or make any updates, please do so in the DRS Request Form. We only retrieve the usage statistics for providers that have complete access information on the Form.

    Any updates you make will automatically take effect during the next scheduled retrieval and upload. You do not need to notify us when you update the Form.

    There is no limit to the number of providers you can add to your Form.

    • Date Created: 8-Jun-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 12-Jun-2014
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