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    Summon: Search Boxes and Search Widgets

    • Product: Summon

    What can we do with Summon search boxes and search widgets?

    The Summon service enables you to create search boxes and widgets that can be placed on any web page, such as research guides, course-management pages, collaborative research portals, and more.

    Search boxes and widgets can search your entire Summon service or they can be targeted (scoped) to the filter and facet options of your choice. The widget code can be used in both HTTP as well as HTTPS (secured) environments.

    For additional information, see Search Boxes on the Ex Libris Developer Network.

    Custom Search Box

    A search box is a small search field you can place anywhere on a web page. The default search box looks like this:

    Summon Search Box Builder Default Search Box

    By default, a search box searches your entire Summon service. However, with just a few extra clicks you can create a search box with pre-scoped search parameters your patrons would prefer in that particular location. You can also change the labels around your search box, either to use words you prefer, or -- if you create a pre-scoped search box -- to make clear what the patrons will be searching. For example, if you scope your search box to show only those items mapped to both medical and engineering Disciplines, and change the accompanying labels, your search box could look like this:

    Summon Search Box Builder Custom Example

    Search Widget

    The search widget is a larger box that provides patrons with a preview of a few Summon results before they committing to viewing the full results set:

    Summon Search Widget - Default

    A custom search widget with medical and engineering Disciplines selected, and customized labels, could look like this (after the patron performs the search):


    Summon Search Widget Page

    To create and customize a search box or search widget, access the builder via either option below:

    • Via the Widget Builder link within the menu on the top right of the screen:

    Menu at top of Summon page

    • Via the URL for your library's Widget Builder. Go to the following URL, replacing <MyDomain> with your library name:


      (replace http with https if you are creating a search box or widget for an HTTPS (secured) environment.)

    You will see the Summon Search Widget page specific to your library:

    search widget builder

    The Summon Search Widget page gives configuration options, presents a preview of your search box or widget as you customize it, and then provides the HTML code that you use to place these search boxes and search widgets on your web pages.

    For instructions on using the Summon Search Widget page, proceed to Create a Search Box or Search Widget.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014

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