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    Intota: Automated Holdings Management: Number of Titles Versus Number of Holdings

    • Product: Intota

    Why does the number of titles in my provider admin console not match the number of titles available for that database in Intota?

    It is likely your library will not see an exact match between the number displayed in your provider's administration console, and the number displayed in your Intota profile. For example, you might see 35,955 in your provider admin console and 35,932 in Intota.


    Your provider's administration console is displaying the number of holdings, while Intota is displaying the number of titles.

    Title versus Holding

    Intota represents a title with a Title and an ISBN/ISSN.

    A provider holding will have Title, ISBN/ISSN, and other metadata such as publisher, date of publication, publication location, etcetera.

    Most of the time there is one Intota Title record for one provider record. However, there are instances when there may be multiple Provider records associated with a single Intota record. For example, in the below situation the Intota number of titles would display as one, while the Provider number of titles would display as two, given the unique Provider Title ID's for the two records:
    Intota and provider records

    Intota will link to one of the provider titles, compared to your discovery services (such as Summon and 360 Link) that display holdings, so your users will be able to access both holdings.

    • Date Created: 25-Jun-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 25-Jun-2014
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