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    Analytics Evidence LSU2 - No Usage Measures for Physical Items

    Created By: Igelu-Eluna Analytics
    Created on: 1/15/2019

    Issue: No usage measures (loan counts) are available for physical items in Course Reserves or Leganto Student Usage SAs and no attributes are available in the Fulfillment SA to link loan information to a reading list, only the course. (See Alma Evidence document - Course Reserves)

    Use Case 1:

    Users also want usage stats to be available to compare the use with that of the electronic / digital items across a given reading list.

    • Citation
    • Reading List
    • Course
    • Owner
    • Academic Department

    Use Case 2:

    Users want to see specific statistics on attachments uploaded to Leganto (not as it is currently combined with Full Text Views) to provide a comprehensive record of what is being used. (Community Feedback)

    status: open
    priority: high
    subject area: course reserves, fulfillment, student usage

    This was discussed in the January 23, 2019 meeting with Ex Libris. Ex Libris will look into adding Course Reserve Loans (Print and Electronic) to the following Subject Areas in Alma Analytics:

    • Leganto Student Usage
    • Physical items
    • Fulfillment
    • Course Reserves

    From the IGeLU-ELUNA Analytics Working Group, Analytics Evidence Document

    Please send questions or comments to the Analytics Working Group Listserv