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New workflows in the new user experience (August 10, 2023)

Covers the "my list is ready" workflow, the rollover/duplicate workflow, and Q&A. 

Presented by Jessie Ransom

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Slides: New Workflows in the New UI.pdf

Leganto new user experience webinar (June 14, 2023)

Presented by Dolav Ben Artzi

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The secrets of the Leganto new user experience (November 30, 2022)

Presented by Dolav Ben Artzi, Jessie Ransom, Yael Beller

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Questions About the Functionality in the Webinars

Can you hide the "link course to this list" option from the Quick Start (Aug 10)

Today, if you allow lists to be linked to multiple courses, the "link course to this list" option will display from the Quick Start page. We will add a flag for libraries that want to remove it in a future release. 

Does the reading list default view for instructors and librarians show the titles without other bibliographic information? (June 14)


In discussing the Leganto workflow with instructors, we learned that once items are on a reading list, instructors primarily need to confirm that they have included all resources in the list and placed them in the correct order. To support this workflow, we have removed the full citation details from the simple display.

We’ve researched this view with individual instructors from around the world as part of our usability research and concluded that indeed instructors prefer the new citation view and the ability to review and rearrange material.

The full bibliographic details are still accessible and are easy to access:

  • Users with editing permissions, such as instructors and librarians, can easily view the full bibliographic details by clicking the citation.

  • Students will view the full bibliographic details by default.

Where's the Library Review button? (June 14)

Our research showed that instructors don’t understand the difference between the library review and publish options. Therefore, instructors forget to publish reading lists or send them to the library. The library review and publish buttons will be replaced with a single button that instructors can use to mark the list as ready. The institution will have several options to configure the resulting workflow. Possible configurations will include using this button to send the list for review, publishing the list, or a combination of both options. The different configurations is explained in more detail in the "New workflows in the new user experience" webinar. This change will not affect the current review process in Alma or analytics.

The new UI was shown within the Learning Environment, but does it display in the same way if viewed standalone? Will this option still be available? (June 14)

Leganto will still support both options—embedded and standalone. We are separating the experience slightly to accommodate different workflow requirements when beginning in a specific course compared to beginning on the standalone. For example, the option to search for lists will only be available in the standalone, as students and instructors working in the learning management system are working within the context of a specific course.

Do you plan on improving "My collection”? (Nov 30)

My collection will be renamed Favorites to better align with user expectations. The Favorites page will include additional options, such as availability information, the option to add items to lists from Favorites, individually and in bulk, and the Quick Cite option. 


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