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    Leganto Release Notes April 2016

    New and Changed Leganto Features

    The following features are new or changed in this month's release of Leganto:

    Mark Citation as Read

    A student (or any other user) can now mark a citation as read. Select Mark as Read from the citation management menu.
    Reading List - Mark as Read
    A check mark appears beside the citation title. To mark as unread, select Mark as Unread from the citation management menu. The check mark is removed.
    Reading List Page - Mark as Unread

    Configure Citation Discussion Note Headers

    You can now configure the heading paragraph that appears above all citation discussion threads in a reading list. You can configure a different heading for each reading list.
    To configure the heading for all citation discussions in a reading list:
    1. On the reading list page, select Configure List DIscussions > Edit Discussion Header from the reading list management menu.
      Reading List Page - Edit Discussion Header
      The Edit Discussion Header pane appears.
      Edit Discussion Pane
    2. Enter the desired header in the pane and click Save.
      The text that you entered appears over the discussion on every citation page in the reading list. In the following example, you entered the text Please be respectful of your fellow students.
      Citation - Discussion Header
    See Alma Configurations for additional configurations for the discussion header.

    List of Supported Cite It! Sites

    The list of sites that are guaranteed to work with Cite It! appear in User menu > Leganto Cite It!
    Cite It! Pane
    Cite It! can still be used on any web site, but its ability to identify citation information varies from site to site.

    Upload Citations to Section

    In addition to uploading a list of citations in RIS format to a reading list, you can now upload an RIS file directly to a section.
    Reading List Page - Upload to Section

    Previous/Next Citation Arrows

    You can now navigate between citations in a reading list by clicking the previous/next arrows while viewing a citation. Click the up arrow to view the previous citation and the down arrow to view the next citation.
    Citation Page - Previous/Next Arrows

    Additional Leganto Features

    The following additional features were added to Leganto in this release:
    • Addition citation types are available when adding a citation manually.
    • When performing a library search (in Alma) in Leganto, suppressed items are no longer returned. For additional changes related to locating items for citations in the inventory, see the item's marked New for April in Matching a Citation's Attachment to an Inventory Item.

    Alma Configurations

    The following features were changed or added to support Leganto features. For additional changes related to courses and reading lists, see the Fulfillment section of the April 2016 Alma Release Notes.
    • To enable/disable discussion headers in all reading lists, configure the customer parameter discussion_header_enabled (true/false).
    • To set the default value of the discussion header for all reading lists, configure the customer parameter discussion_header_default_text. Enter the text you would like as the default.

    Resolved Issues

    The following issues were resolved in this release of Leganto.
    • (URM-56320) There was a problem with adding citations from Cite It! to duplicated reading lists. This was fixed.
    • (URM-55746) The Welcome Wizard now displays the course name as well as the course code.
    • (URM-55467) A reading list permalink sometimes linked to Leganto's main page instead of the reading list. This was fixed.
    • (URM-55317) Leganto's header and banner did not appear when inside an IFrame. This was fixed.
    • (URM-55229) Citation metadata that appears in a Primo search is now taken from its Alma bibliographic record, if any.
    • (URM-54570) The list of citation types was not sorted alphabetically. This was fixed.
    • (URM-52724) The suggestions for collaborators included all users. This was fixed, and the suggestions for collaborators now includes only users with one or more of the following roles: Instructor, Fulfillment Services Operator, Fulfillment Services Manager, Course Reserves Operator, or Course Reserves Manager.
    • (URM-55713) Send to Library was disabled in the citation management menu. This was fixed.
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