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Leganto Known Issues

Known Issues Resolved in an Upcoming Release

SF Case Issue Description Planned Release Notes
00625127 The notification "A submit lists by date was added to your course" was created every time a course was saved. 2019-06  
00642213 In the course loading integration profile, the option "On rollover set instructors as owners" did not work. 2019-06  
N/A Citation alerts were not updated immediately in the facets on the Edit Citations page. 2019-06  
00643177 There was no way to edit the words "Title" or "Description" for when the instructor creates a section. Labels were added for these. 2019-06  
00643416 The Leganto Notification Letter was not translatable. 2019-06  
00634310 The URL appeared to students in some cases when the citation was declined. 2019-06  
00645854 Marking a citation as "Complete" in Leganto removed the material visibility end date. 2019-06  
00623049 On the Find Lists page, when filtering by "Publication Status = All", selecting a list, and then selecting "Back", the publication status of the list changed to Published. 2019-06  
00644387 If you entered an invalid value for Resource Total Pages in the Copyright Attributes tab of a citation, the field was only validated if you saved the citation while that tab was active. If you saved the citation while any other tab was active, the field was not validated and an invalid value could be saved. When running the course loading integration profile, an invalid value in this field caused an error. 2019-06  
00636665 In the Edit Citations and Reading Lists Tasks page, facets did not appear if only 1 value exists. 2019-06  
00369728 The course end date was sometimes off one day for a course uploaded by the course loading integration profile. 2019-07  
00474477 A librarian could not see student discussions or likes associated with a citation unless he or she was the owner of the list. 2019-07  
00631493 When adding a citation in Alma, Citation Default Copyright Status did not work, sometimes. 2019-07  
00595117 The Activate/Deactivate Courses job sometimes considered course start/end dates as though they were 1 day before/after the configured date. 2019-07  
00611018 When doing an instructor rollover, the copyrights were not recalculated properly for articles. 2019-07  
00548441 In the course loading integration profiles, a rollover operation with copyright = Recalculate set Number of Students to the old course's number of participants instead of the new course's number. 2019-07  
00637464, 00642155 In some cases, the reading list facets did not display the correct results after selecting the facet. 2019-07  
00637936, 00667879, 00637936, 00638021, 00641762 The citation alerts date format did not match the system_date_format. 2019-07  
00644792 Exporting to PDF while in student view included the library-internal and instructor-library tags. This was fixed. 2019-07  
00644860, 00677859 Cite it! from British Library's Explore catalogue wasn't working. 2019-07  
00637027, 00648665, 00675620 After selecting Add to Citation for another edition, Leganto did not show the other edition's availability. 2019-07  
00642218 When using the course loading integration profile to roll over courses to new courses with the same names, other course were also incorrectly given these courses' names. 2019-07  
00597999, 00651660, 00654436 In the Leganto Primo mapping table, the concat operator did not work for addata/au or addata/addau Primo fields. 2019-07  
00648528 A new label is required for the word "lists" when searching for lists. 2019-07  
00639014 The copyright rules did not work properly for some citations with characters in their ISBN/ISSN. This was fixed. 2019-07  
00634293 There were some display issues in specific browsers and screen sizes. 2019-08  
00576062 Leganto displayed expired users when searching for collaborators. 2019-08  
00554092 When exporting to Word APA format, 1) some words were not translated to Norwegian, and 2) an author (other than the first) with a hyphen in the name was exported incorrectly. 2019-08  
00632608 Export to PDF did not handle special characters well. 2019-08  
00630188 When trying to change the list title in Leganto, the change was not saved if Alma was open in another tab in Spanish. 2019-08  
00680617 There was a display issue with the Add Subjects dropdown and the search field. 2019-08  
00644907, 00640891 When arriving to Leganto using LTI, if My Lists has 50 or more reading lists, sometimes the lists associated to the course do not appear. TBD As a temporary solution, consider removing some of the lists from the user.

Other Known Issues

The following issues are known to Ex Libris, but there are currently no plans to fix them in an upcoming release.

Other Issues (Not Planned to be Supported) Notes
In Internet Explorer, Cite It! does not work on a web site specified as a Local Intranet, Trusted Site, or Restricted Site (Internet Options > Security > Sites) unless the option Enable Protected Mode is enabled for that class of sites.  
In Internet Explorer, the Accessibility menu does not work.  
Cite It! does not work for PDFs.  
Leganto users working with Firefox cannot view embedded citations.  
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