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Leganto Known Issues

Known Issues Resolved in an Upcoming Release

SF Case Issue Description Planned Release Notes
00634293 There were some display issues in specific browsers and screen sizes. 2019-08  
00576062 Leganto displayed expired users when searching for collaborators. 2019-08  
00554092 When exporting to Word APA format, 1) some words were not translated to Norwegian, and 2) an author (other than the first) with a hyphen in the name was exported incorrectly. 2019-08  
00632608 Export to PDF did not handle special characters well. 2019-08  
00630188 When trying to change the list title in Leganto, the change was not saved if Alma was open in another tab in Spanish. 2019-08  
00680617 There was a display issue with the Add Subjects dropdown and the search field. 2019-08  
00475152, 00590059 A long My Lists page (and/or a long reading list when the user has many reading lists in the My Lists page) returns a "Script not responding" error. 2019-08 Pagination will be added.
00629342, 00636801, 00637272, 00673661 When searching in Alma for course codes with a partial string, no results are returned if a hyphen is included in search query, even though hyphens are in the course codes. 2019-08  
00549553 Searching Leganto from Primo is slow. This was fixed. 2019-08  
00659345 Leganto sometimes displayed incorrect holdings. This was fixed. 2019-08  
00633081 Related Items sometimes appeared for an item in one course, but not for the same item in a different course. 2019-08  
00614085 When using the course loading profile to rollover courses, On Rollover Overwrite Course Instructors is selected, but there were empty fields in the loader file, instructors were copied to the new course, anyway. 2019-08  
00683020 When exporting a reading list to an .ris file, the metadata was not mapped to the correct fields. 2019-08  
00524234 Cite It! did not capture metadata from Scopus. 2019-09  
00562739, 00563837 The presentation of FRBR group members was in date ascending order, rather than date descending. 2019-09  
00683174 List advisor tips were not translated. 2019-09  
00659593, 00675741 When force_direct_uresolver was set to true, View Online did not work when there were multiple source fields. 2019-09  
00644907, 00640891 When arriving to Leganto using LTI, if My Lists has 50 or more reading lists, sometimes the lists associated to the course do not appear. TBD As a temporary solution, consider removing some of the lists from the user.

Other Known Issues

The following issues are known to Ex Libris, but there are currently no plans to fix them in an upcoming release.

Other Issues (Not Planned to be Supported) Notes
In Internet Explorer, Cite It! does not work on a web site specified as a Local Intranet, Trusted Site, or Restricted Site (Internet Options > Security > Sites) unless the option Enable Protected Mode is enabled for that class of sites.  
In Internet Explorer, the Accessibility menu does not work.  
Cite It! does not work for PDFs.  
Leganto users working with Firefox cannot view embedded citations.  
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