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Leganto Known Issues

Known Issues Resolved in an Upcoming Release


SF Case Issue Description Planned Release Notes
06660440 Citations added from external resources did not include the Links & Availability. This was fixed. 2023-04  
06655246 In some cases, courses did not appear in Alma, but they did appear in Analytics. This was fixed. 2023-04  
06653039 Previously, retrieving course information from Primo using an MMSID was very slow. The speed has been increased. 2023-04  
06630050 The option to Add tags to item was missing from the Student View. This was fixed. 2023-04  
06526087 In some cases, the Leganto Physical item location did not match Primo’s Get it. This was fixed. 2023-04  
06629253 When adding a course From date but not a To date, the To date was incorrectly populated with today's date rather than remaining blank. This was fixed. 2023-04  
In some cases, reading lists with items that are physically available took a significant amount of time to load. This was fixed. 2023-04  
06471606 Previously, the maximum file size error message did not display the unit of MB. This was fixed. 2023-04  
06328038 In some cases, refreshing issues caused inconsistent search results when opening a reading list from a Primo record. This was fixed. 2023-04  

Other Known Issues

The following issues are known to Ex Libris, but there are currently no plans to fix them in an upcoming release.

Other Issues (Not Planned to be Supported) Notes
In Internet Explorer, Cite It! does not work on a website specified as a Local Intranet, Trusted Site, or Restricted Site (Internet Options > Security > Sites) unless the option Enable Protected Mode is enabled for that class of sites.  
In Internet Explorer, the Accessibility menu does not work.  
Cite It! does not work for PDFs.  
Leganto users working with Firefox cannot view embedded citations.  
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