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Leganto Known Issues

Known Issues Resolved in an Upcoming Release

See Leganto New UI Known Issues for a list of known issues specific to the new UI.



SF Case Issue Description Planned Release Notes
  When viewing Upcoming due dates, availability was not displayed. This was fixed. 2024-04  
  In some letters, when selecting URL in the letter, the user was directed to the reading list sign in page rather than prompting the user to authenticate. This was fixed. 2024-04  
  Previously, the Leganto copyright status changed after the list was sent to library rather than retaining its status. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07033086 In some cases, the force_login (Configuration > Leganto > General > Settings) did not work with shareable links. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07053162 When adding physical resources to a list by searching Summon, an incorrect URL was added to the item as well. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07052940 Previously, pop-up windows were blocked in Firefox. This was fixed. 2024-04  
Previously, when marking an item as broken and mark_as_broken_email_notification (Configuration > Leganto > Features > Leganto Features) was configured, the wrong notification letter was sent. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07075784 Previously, thumbnails from BrowZine were not added when using the editor button integration in Canvas. This was fixed. 2024-04  
Previously, when the Color Theme - New UI (Configuration > Leganto > UI > Branding) was set to Dark blue, when hovering over buttons, the button turned black, and the text was unreadable. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07048899 Previously, Links and availability was not displayed when selecting Add and edit when adding a new item to a list. This was fixed. 2024-04  
Previously, when adding a website to a list in the classic UI using CiteIt! or the manual form, the citation received the Ready for Processing status rather than the Being Prepared status. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07014087 Previously, resource locate did not run when adding an article. This was fixed. 2024-04  
Previously, the new UI did not have the option to customize the label for the Draft publication status. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07031929 Previously, when adding a JSTOR citation using CiteIt!,  the citation was not compiled accurately. This was fixed. 2024-04  
In some cases, when copying a section from one list to another list, the original list needed to be refreshed before being displayed correctly, and the copied section was not added to the correct place in the list. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07042015 Previously, the Book Extract URL was not marked as mandatory even when the Source (Configuration > Leganto > UI > Citation Field Mapping) was configured as mandatory. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07014738 Previously, the Leganto Detailed Notifications Email Letter (Configuration > General > Letters > Letters Configuration) did not display the correct data for <event_type> and <event_type_display>. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07042111 When using the revert_completed_citation_status_by_metadata_change (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Course Reserves Automatic Statuses), changing the source URL in the new UI did not change the citation status as in the classic UI. This was fixed. 2024-04  
07013377 When adding an item from a reference manager (Add > Import references > select a reference manager), the bottom of the scroll bar was not visible. This was fixed. 2024-04  
Some event notifications were missing from the Leganto Detailed Notifications Email Letter (Configuration > General > Letters > Letters Configuration). This was fixed. 2024-04  
06967283 In some cases, the text of items with long titles continued out of the item box. This was fixed. 2024-04  
06918883 In some cases, exporting citations from a list to Excel failed. This was fixed. 2024-04  
06782140 The self-registration page was missing the header and footer tables. This was fixed. 2024-04  

Other Known Issues

The following issues are known to Ex Libris, but there are currently no plans to fix them in an upcoming release.

Other Issues (Not Planned to be Supported) Notes
Usage statistics are missing from Alma analytics for the following dates: March 5, 2023 - March 17, 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience that may occur because of this issue.  
In Internet Explorer, Cite It! does not work on a website specified as a Local Intranet, Trusted Site, or Restricted Site (Internet Options > Security > Sites) unless the option Enable Protected Mode is enabled for that class of sites.  
In Internet Explorer, the Accessibility menu does not work.  
Cite It! does not work for PDFs.  
Leganto users working with Firefox cannot view embedded citations.  
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