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Leganto Known Issues

Known Issues Resolved in an Upcoming Release


SF Case Issue Description Planned Release Notes
06823261 When automatically enriching data using the DOI, the DOI URL format was not correct. This was fixed. 2023-09  
06803495 In some cases, the Primo Mapping Concat option did not concat subfields. This was fixed. 2023-09  
06812405 Some help videos pointed to the wrong place. This was fixed. 2023-09  
Previously, the Resource Locate process did not run when an item was manually added to a list and Title_Author was enabled in the Locate Citation by Fields table (Configuration > Fulfillment > Courses > Locate Citation by Fields). This was fixed. 2023-09  
06807751 When adding an article using a DOI number, the Publication date was incorrect. This was fixed. 2023-09  
06731958 In some cases, changes to a course Name were not saved. This was fixed. 2023-09  
06769624 When rolling over a list, if the rollover copyright status was set to Copy, the Grace Period After End Date information was not included in the rolled over list. This was fixed. 2023-09  
06476206 In some cases, the Reading List Citation Process and Enrich job (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job) located types that should not have been located. This was fixed. 2023-09  
06759323 For some styles, Quick Cite generated citations with double quotes (" ") rather than single quotes (' '). This was fixed. 2023-09  
06706429 In some cases, the  Reading List Citation Process and Enrich (Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job) Job Report indicated Resource locate match found even in cases where the resource was not located. This was fixed. 2023-09  
06717650 Previously, the My list Sort by: Title was sorted according to Alma titles. Now, when the parameter list_name_sort_natural_order (Configuration > Leganto > List Management > Settings) is set to true, the titles sort alphabetically according to Leganto titles. 2023-09  
06597964 In some cases, Owners were not added to reading lists courses. This was fixed. 2023-09  
05331127 Leganto sources were excluded from the Alma Link Resolver Usage report. This was fixed. 2023-09  

Other Known Issues

The following issues are known to Ex Libris, but there are currently no plans to fix them in an upcoming release.

Other Issues (Not Planned to be Supported) Notes
Usage statistics are missing from Alma analytics for the following dates: March 5, 2023 - March 17, 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience that may occur because of this issue.  
In Internet Explorer, Cite It! does not work on a website specified as a Local Intranet, Trusted Site, or Restricted Site (Internet Options > Security > Sites) unless the option Enable Protected Mode is enabled for that class of sites.  
In Internet Explorer, the Accessibility menu does not work.  
Cite It! does not work for PDFs.  
Leganto users working with Firefox cannot view embedded citations.  
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