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Leganto New UI Known Issues

Known Issues

The following issues are known to Ex Libris and will fix them in an upcoming release.

Issue Description Planned Release Notes
"Quick start" in LMS  2023 July Can't duplicate from an existing list
Sharable links 2023 July Links that require the user to log in don't work
Related items tab 2023 July Not working correcty when there aren't any related items
Rollover/duplicate configuration 2023 July The configuration options is not functioning as defined in the instructor rollover operations table
Favorites, upload file 2023 Q3  
Available at another institution (consortium) 2023 Q3  
Upload folder of files 2023 Q3  
Creating a list from an import file 2023 Q3  
VPAT 2023 Q4  
Bolk copyright 2023 Q4  
CCC copyright flow 2023 Q4  
Drag and drop a file into a list 2023 Q4  
Archived and recently deleted lists 2023 Q4  
Full view embedded content - embed video, image, 3D 2023 Q4  
NERS 7747 2023 Q4  
Branding configuration 2023 Q4  
Help and Guided Tours TBD  
Cost analysis TBD  
Sticker price TBD  
Indentation TBD  
Video recommendations TBD  
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