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    (Leganto only) Currently, when reading lists can be associated with multiple courses, only the first course appears in Analytics. All courses associated with a reading list will appear in Analytics in an upcoming release (at which point all data, past and present, will appear).
    Field Description Additional Information
    Academic Department The academic department of the course  
    Academic Department Description The description of the academic department of the course  
    Course Code The code of the course  
    Course Created By The creator of the course  
    Course Creation Date The date that the course was created  
    Course Instructor The name of the course instructor If there is more than one instructor, the names are separated by a semicolon.
    Course Instructor Primary Identifier The primary identifier of the course instructor  
    Course Instructor with Primary Identifier The course instructor with the course instructor's primary identifier This field  is useful when a course has more than one instructor. This field allows you to display the instructors together with their primary identifiers.
    Course Modification Date The date that the course was modified  
    Course Modified By The person who modified the course  
    Course Name The name of the course  
    Course Section The section of the course  
    Course Status The status of the course  
    Course Submit List By The date by which all reading lists for the course should be submitted  
    Course Term The term of the course  
    Course Visibility Indicates if the course is archived or unarchived  
    Course Year The year of the course  
    No list Expected Indicates if the No List Expected checkbox for the course is selected or not Possible values: Checked and Unchecked. You select this checkbox to alert the librarian that this course deliberately does not include a reading list. For more information on this checkbox, see Indicating that Courses Deliberately Have No Reading List.
    Number of Participants The number of participants in the course  
    Processing Department The processing department of the course  
    Rolled Over From Code The code of the course from which the course was rolled over  
    Weekly Hours The weekly hours of the course  
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