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Patron Experience

Patron Focused Experience

Patrons receive an ILL service that is easy to use, fast and comprehensive, matching their experiences in the wider online world. Rapido:

  • Creates requests in one place
  • Offers clear information such as delivery time and terms of use
  • Provides information regarding the status of the request

Expand your Search

When search results return no records found, use expand your search to receive Rapido offers.


Click Get it for me from other libraries.


Rapido Offers

When a request is available from another pod member, Rapido displays the offer terms.


When a request may be available from a lender outside of your pods, the patron receives an offer to get a copy, but the terms are not available.


Request Status

Once a patron places a request and agrees to the copyright terms,


the patron can track the status of their request via their Primo library card and receive updates when terms-of-use change.


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