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    Adding the Full Text Button in the Table/Brief Views (MetaLib SP 123)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    Starting from SP 123 it is possible to display the Full Text button in the Table/Brief views of the retrieved results.

    To allow this additional functionality, usage of the existing system parameter "setenv check_full_text_avail" in www_server.conf has been extended:

    New possible values are (not case sensitive):

    setenv check_full_text_avail "Full only"
    Full text button will display in Full view only

    setenv check_full_text_avail "Table-Brief"
    Full text button will display in Table/Brief formats

    setenv check_full_text_avail "All"
    Full text button will display in all view formats (Table/Brief/Full)

    setenv check_full_text_avail "None"
    Full text button will not display at all in MetaLib User Interface

    If the old values (Y/N) are preserved, they will act like "ALL", when the value is "Y", and as "None" if the value is "N".

    Note: This parameter does not affect the X-server "present" service. The input to this service contains a parameter for "full text indicator" request so the control is done by the input parameter.

    For the sites where the MetaLib 4.0x Upgrade Express was applied the following changes in the html pages should be performed:

    In all local instances and all languages, change the following web pages under ./insNN/www_v_<lng>:
    1. In quick-3-body

    line 219: change doc_number=$0100 to doc_number=$0700
    line 219: change v-fulltext.png to v-icon-fulltext.png

    2. In meta-3-body
    line 287: change: <td> into: <td class="no_wrap">

    3. In find-db-6-body
    line 171: change: <td> into: <td class="no_wrap">

    4. In eshelf-2-body
    line 159: change: getFullTxt"" into: getFullTxt"
    line 195: change: <td> into: <td class="no_wrap">

    For all instances and languages, copy the files
    to ./<insNN>/icon_<lng>.

    The file v-icon-fulltext.png is the default.

    If you prefer an icon without the text "FT", for all instances and languages copy the file
    v-icon-fulltext-notext.png to v-icon-fulltext.png.


    Important note:
    In order for this Metalib full-text button functionality to work, it is essential that the Journal Subscription Index be created (and updated regularly) within SFX using the following process:

    1. Run the Version 2 A-Z index
    2. Run the Journal Subscription Index (server_admin_util option 11.1)
    3. Run the Version 3 A-Z index (server_admin_util option 7.1)
    3. Scheduled these three processes to run periodically in order to keep the index up to date. An upcoming SFX Monthly Revision will move the required elements of the Version 2 A-Z list into the Version 3A-Z list (and, then, the Version 2 A-Z will no longer be needed.)

    For more information about the Journal Subscription Index see the SFX User Guide Part 2, section 10.3.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013