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    Alignment of html Pages and highlighting of navigation bars

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 3

    1) Is there a way to avoid having all html pages in the user interface left aligned? How can I centre the pages?

    2) Where is it configured that if I click on a component in the main menu (e.g. QuickSearch), and then I select a subcomponent (e.g. Search), both functions are highlighted?

    1) Some browsers enable toggling between left-justified and right-justified html page presentation using a function in the "View" menu, but I don't know of any such function for centre-justification.
    It is possible to insert a justification command that aligns all text to the center of the page on each html page, but MetaLib is not designed for that, and the GRAPHIC html elements will not be aligned to fit with the new text position. Re-aligning the graphics requires editing each relevant html page.

    2) The top, general, toolbar is defined in the files navigation.html and navigation-guest.html.
    The default class of the module tabs is "TopTB", and once a module is chosen, the program changes it's class to class="TopTBSelect", and it appears selected.
    The bottom toolbar changes for each module. For example, the Find e-Journals toolbar is find-ej-2-toolbar.html. In these files, the default module's class is "TB" and when a module is chosen, the program changes it's class to "TBSelect" and it appears selected.
    If you want the selections to appear differently, it's best to modify the CSS stylesheet files and adjust the "TB" "TopTB" "TBSelect" and "TopTBSelect" classes as you see fit.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013