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    How to Configure a New Z39.50 Resource (Library Catalog or OPAC)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    Do you have a quick guide to configuring a local library OPAC using Z39.50?

    To configure a new local Z39.50 MetaLib resource for a library OPAC, these steps have to be taken:

    1) Contact the library and obtain their Z39.50 server IP address, port and database code. Find out which library management software the library uses (for example: ALEPH).
    2) Obtain authentication (username / password), if needed.
    3) Create a new IRD record in MetaLib's /M interface, placing this information in the subscription tab, plus other IRD fields as you see fit (Resource Name, Link to Native Interface, Description, Library Information, etc.).
    4) When the IRD record is completed, click on the "A" icon in the configuration pane of the new IRD in order to add a configuration record.
    5) It is recommended to copy a configuration code belonging to another Z39.50 OPAC which uses the same library management software (LMS, for example: ALEPH) into a new local configuration. Give the new configuration a name beginning with "L_" to indicate that it is a local configuration.
    6) Test the new resource in the /V interface to see whether the configuration works.
    7) Fix the configuration fields that require fixing, and re-test the resource until you are happy with the results.
    Use the Resource Management Guide for details about how to tweak the configuration record fields.

    For examples in /M, search All resources, Library System = Aleph (or whatever a relevant word describing the LMS).

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013