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    How to Create a Default User and QuickSets in MetaLib for Primo

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    How to create a default user and QuickSets in MetaLib for Primo

    To add MetaLib QuickSets for Primo, the MetaLib user that owns these MetaLib QuickSets MUST have the same name as the MetaLib local institution. Primo can only see the QuickSets of that user -- not any other user in MetaLib's system. So, if the institution is SCIENCE, the user must be SCIENCE.

    So, this user must be created and changed to a default profile.

    For a current MetaLib customer buying Primo, this is the easiest path (in this example, the local institution = SCIENCE):

    [1] In the /M interface, create a SCIENCE user.
    [2] From the server, make the SCIENCE user into a default profile using UTIL-K-6.
    [3] On the server, copy the QuickSets from SCIENCE-ENG to SCIENCE using UTIL-K-4.

    You now have two sets of QuickSets -- the ones used by Primo and the ones used by the ML UI.

    If they need to be kept in sync, choose one and make changes there, then copy them to the other using the utility on a regular basis.

    If Primo is replacing MetaLib, get Primo up and then abandon science-eng and its QuickSets.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013