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    MetaLib 4.2.0 - instructions for downloading update package

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    Following the release of MetaLib 4.2.0 yesterday, 28 April 2008, please note the following clarification for downloading the update package:

    The MetaLib 4.2.0 update package can be downloaded either from the Ex Libris Documentation Center or the Ex Libris FTP server.

    To download the update from the Ex Libris Documentation Center, only one file is required.
    If the update is downloaded from the Ex Libris FTP server, three files are required.

    Ex Libris Documentation Center

    MetaLib_Customers/Download Center/Service Packs/MetaLib 4.1.x

    Ex Libris FTP Server


    To transfer all three files from the Ex Libris FTP server, please use the following commands as noted in the “METALIB VERSION 4.1.X MetaLib Service Pack” document:

    1) Login to
    2) Make sure the FTP server is in binary mode and that the interactive mode is OFF

    ftp> bin
    ftp> prompt
    ftp> cd sp
    ftp> mget METALIB-4.2.0-ServicePackItem-1- 365.tar.gz_*
    ftp> mget METALIB-4.2.0-ServicePackItemContent_345-365.pdf

    (This will download all three tar files)

    ftp> quit
    >> cat METALIB-4.2.0-ServicePackItem-1- 365.tar.gz_* | gzip -d | tar -xvf –

    If you have any questions about MetaLib 4.2, please contact your Ex Libris office or distributor.


    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013