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    MetaLib KB Known Issues as of May 29th, 2007

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    MetaLib KB Known Issues as of May 29th, 2007

    Dear customers,

    We would like to notify you about some known issues in the MetaLib KB that we are currently dealing with:

    1) A reminder: as of late in 2006, RDN databases are no longer available. Their content now resides on Intute's z39.50 server. A table mapping old RDN databases to the appropriate Intute databases is attached to the CKB release notes.

    2) The new PROLA configuration (CKB02830) requires IP authentication even though it is a free resource. The release notes have been updated to reflect that.

    3) SwetsWise (CKB02385) have changed their Hostname:Port to: We are still trying to figure out a Link to Records in the Native Interface, but we are not sure that we will come up with one that will work.

    4) The new MetaPress (CKB02522) and SpringerLink (CKB02523) WEBCONFIG_XML configurations require IP authentication. To obtain such authentication, please contact MetaPress' Heather Klusendorf at

    5) Archivio DoGi (CKB02921)'s XML gateway is currently down. We are awaiting an answer from the Italian vendor Infoleges regarding configuring their version of Archivio DoGi as a CKB resource instead.

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