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    Oracle not starting automatically on new v4 installation

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    Oracle is not starting automatically on our new v4 installation on (new server).
    It appears to be both the listener and the database.
    The problem occurs every timethe server restarts
    Once I've manually started Oracle, I don't experience any other Oracle problems - everything runs smoothly.

    1. Oratab seems fine:
    metalib@exlibris(m4_1):/etc>cd /var/opt/oracle
    metalib@exlibris(m4_1):...opt/oracle>more oratab

    2. Start_stop script already has export:
    ORACLE_OWNER=`echo $_LINE | awk -F: '{print $3}' -`
    export ORACLE_HOME=`echo $_LINE | awk -F: '{print $4}' -`

    3. I finished the installation [MIK/UE] and it ran for a while.
    Then I added the sP293, rebooted and then noticed the problem

    4. The only other application on this server (Ex Libris or otherwise) is SFX v3.

    To correct this problem do the following:

    1. Login as the metalib user and replace the following line in /exlibris/startup/start_stop file

    Replace this line: export ORACLE_HOME=`echo $_LINE | awk -F: '{print $4}' -`
    With the following line:export ORACLE_HOME=`echo $_LINE | awk -F: '{print $4}' -` export ORACLE_HOME

    Make the following change and test /exlibris/startup at your convenience:

    Replace this line: export ORACLE_HOME=`echo $_LINE | awk -F: '{print $4}' -`
    With the following line: ORACLE_HOME=`echo $_LINE | awk -F: '{print $4}' -` export ORACLE_HOME

    2. Login as the root user and do the following:

    To fix the vhost.c error when trying to start Apache, the VirtualHost was changed from _default_ to exlibris:

    <VirtualHost exlibris:8331>
    ServerName exlibris:8331

    You should then be able to successfully start Apache as root using './apachectl_auto' (versus './apachectl start).

    3. To fix the problem with Apache not starting automatically, change the user defined in the init.dat from metalib to root:

    # apache

    Be sure to copy each file to <filename>.orig before making the changes and they are in the /exlibris/metalib/m4_1/apache/conf and /exlibris/startup directories respectively.

    Finally, please verify that Oracle, Apache, and ML start automatically.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013