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Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints - Hybrid Linking

ACTION REQUIRED: Please be advised of a change to the linking method for "Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints" collection, which may require configuration change before August 2022. 

Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints (Collection ID: 611000000000000491, DB_ID: IOV) is currently configured to operate with Link Resolver linking, since the collection has portfolios that allow link resolver linking based on OpenURL and activated titles in Alma.

However, we have learned from the community that sometimes the link resolver method does not work properly with records in this collection that have no identifiers. This means that content without ISSN or eISSN from this collection tends to fail and provides unreliable linking.


To address this issue and to ensure the best Discovery experience possible, we will change the collection to use Hybrid Linking in August 2022. 

Thus records in this collection that do not have ISSN or eISSN will use the method of Link in Record instead of Link Resolver in order to provide a more reliable linking experience to Gale's platform. The linking will be based on metadata ingested directly from Gale (not based on matching titles from Alma) and will produce much more reliable links to Gale's website.

The hybrid linking is expected to go live during the second week of August 2022, and requires that institutions have Gale's special linking template configured properly in Alma or Primo Back Office. If your institution has this collection activated, please make sure that the Gale linking template is configured correctly in your Primo or Primo VE. Please follow the instructions detailed in the following link to ensure your linking configuration is in place bu August: Special links configuration in CDI for Primo and Primo VE


  • Article last edited: 19-July-2022
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