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ProQuest One Business and ProQuest One Literature Availability

Institutions who have activated ProQuest One Business and/or ProQuest One Literature collections may have encountered the following availability issues via CDI:

-          A&I Records appear as “Full Text available”.

-          Full Text Records do not appear as “Full Text available”.


We have analyzed the issue and located a solution, which requires reloading the records in order for the solution to take effect.

Based on our current projection for the reload process, we anticipate that the majority of records will function as expected by mid-November 2021.

There is no need to submit Support Cases for this issue, as it is being actively resolved.


Update as of January 2022.

We will make the following changes in the ProQuest One Business,  ProQuest One Business Alumni, and ProQuest One Literature collections, to solve the linking issues which still occur in these collections.

Currently the collections have titles but are working with Link in Record.

  As a first step the Linking method will be changed to Link Resolver, in order to make sure Linking to Full text will work properly to all platforms. I a second step, we will change them to Hybrid Linking.

First Step The Linking will be changed to Link Resolver on February 1st.
We will make this change to match the collection type, as explained in the article here. This change will solve scenarios where customers are expecting to see Link to Full Text in various platforms but are getting Link to the abstract in ProQuest. Following this change, customers are advised to set the "We subscribe to only some titles in this collection" to Yes.
The "Linking" CDI field on these collections will change as part of the Feb 6th release.

Second Step: The linking will be changed to Hybrid by April 2022.
We will make this change to make sure customers are getting quality links also to content without identifiers, as explained in the article Hybrid collections in CDI.
After this change customers are advised to set the "We subscribe to only some titles in this collection" to No, to have access to all the content, including content without identifiers. The results with no identifiers will show as available and will use Link in record for Linking. Records with identifiers will continue to link via Link Resolver.


Article updated: 27-Jan-2022

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