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    Server Hardware and Software Requirements

    Server Requirements

    Install Primo and the Oracle database on a dedicated server with the specifications described in the table below. 

    • If you want to install the Primo and Oracle databases on your Aleph or MetaLib/SFX server, contact your Ex Libris representative.

    • Refer first to the Operating System Requirements for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Operating System Requirements for the Sun Platform, and Guidelines for Using Virtual Environments Ex Libris Products documents for basic and detailed requirements and then refer to the following requirements for information that is specific to Primo.

    For each of the following operating system versions, Ex Libris recommends that you install the latest OS update level.

    Specification Description

    Operating System/Platform

    Linux: Red Hat 7.x, 8.x

    If a problem occurs and the source of the problem is not identified on CentOS, be prepared to reinstall the application on the Red Hat operating system to enable Ex Libris to isolate the problem.

    Sun:  Solaris x-86 10 and later

    CPU cores

    4 (minimum)


    8 GB (minimum)

    Media for Data Exchange

    • FTP and Internet connection (see Communication Requirements)

    • CD-ROM drive for data and software exchange (in case FTP is not available temporarily, or if Ex Libris has approved work without an Internet connection)


    Oracle 64-bit

    Additional Server Software*

    • C-shell package (csh or tcsh) (as part of the operating system)

    • Linux platform GCC (as part of the operating system)

    • Oracle RDBMS add-on software (installed by Ex Libris to ensure full compatibility with Primo)

    Ex Libris will install the additional server software to ensure full compatibility with Primo.

    For large projects, such as configuring two or more servers, configurations that are more complicated are necessary.

    Contact your Ex Libris representative to discuss the exact production server specification, including the required number of CPUs and RAM as a function of the database size and the number of concurrent users.

    Filesystem and Disk Space Requirements

    Mount each physical disk that Primo will use on a separate filesystem, and name the filesystems as follows: /exlibris, /exlibris1, /exlibris2, and so forth.

    Define a filesystem named /exlibris with a minimum of 70GB, and mount it directly to the server. This mandatory filesystem will exclusively hold all software, configuration tables, and files that Ex Libris will install. 

    • The /exlibris filesystem cannot be a soft or symbolic link to any alternatively named filesystem.

    • The /exlibris filesystem on the Search Engine server (SE) must be defined on a local disk.

    You can install the Primo database files and publishing platform on any of the /exlibris filesystems. 

    The total size of the database files depends on the number of records stored in the Aleph and/or DigiTool databases.

    The following table lists the minimum disk space requirements necessary for running and maintaining Primo software and data.

    Minimum Disk Space Requirements
    Primo Software and Data Minimum Requirement Location

    Primo and Oracle software

    10 GB


    Oracle DB size

    50 GB initial (for up to 500,000 records) + 50 KB per BIB record






    Publishing platform

    60 GB initial + 60 KB per BIB record






    NFS disk for indexing (relevant when Primo is installed on more than one server)

    At least 20G



    At least 8 GB


    Swap space

    At least 12 GB



    At least 4 GB


    The above requirements are general guidelines for determining the disk space requirements. Determine the exact amount of disk space requirements in conjunction with your Ex Libris representative. 

    The disk requirements specified above enable the support of the following activities:

    • Reorganization of the database (as part of the periodic maintenance of the database) with minimal downtime

    • Full re-indexing of the database with minimal downtime

    • The disk requirements specified above do NOT include:

    • System disk requirements for operating system overhead

    • Disk space necessary for running Oracle in Archive-Log mode (see Backup and Recovery Media and Procedures)

    • Disk space requirements for backup in large sites (see Backup and Recovery Media and Procedures)

    • Any type of data redundancy, such as RAID 1, 5 or 0/1 solutions

    • Primo upgrade requirements. See the Requirements for Upgrade from Primo 2 to Primo 3 document for more details.

    When upgrading your system at the post-STP stage, allocate twice the amount of disk space for the upgrade as you have available for the current version and database.

    Backup and Recovery Media and Procedures

    You are responsible for backup and recovery procedures and the media with which you choose to perform these procedures. 

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