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    Advanced search fails in Primo when searching a local search field combined with any other field

    • Product: Primo


    When an advanced search is performed using a local search field (lsr, e.g., the field lsr7), combined with any other field, no results are returned and Primo displays the the following error:

    "Your search might include illegal terms or characters in query, which cause it to fail". 


    Primo limits the number of searchable local search fields. By default, only the first 5 local search fields are searchable.

    To increase the number of active local fields follow the steps below: 

    1. Navigate to the Search Engine Configurations area in the Back Office (Primo Home > Advanced Configuration > Search Engine Configurations)
    2. Under "Result Threshold," update the field "Number of active local fields in search section" to at least the number of local fields being currently used. 
    3. Save the changes. 
    4. Deploy changes to Search Engine Configuration (Primo Home page > Deploy All > Search Engine Configuration). 

    Additional information

    This field is not configurable per institution, the configuration must be through the Installation level. For Local / Dedicated customers, please make sure that you are using a Installation Level Admin user for this.

    For Multi-Tenant customers, the Multi Tenant environments are already upgraded with more search fields than the default, Out of The Box 5 local fields.

    If you see that the data in one of the Local Search fields is not retrieved, open a Salesforce Case to Primo support.

    Article last edited: 10-Jan-2019



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