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    Authentication failed message in secure LDAP (aka LDAPS)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo
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    Problem Symptoms:
    * parameters in ldap_*.conf (ldap host, port, initial bind dn, initial bind password, and so on) have been confirmed correct by customer
    * authentication still fails
    * authentication errors seen in "[PDS_main] func = login" section of pds_server.log (when PDS DEBUG mode is enabled):
    DEBUG [ldap::search_ldap] Performing search
    DEBUG [ldap::search_ldap] Binding as cn=LDAP-pds,ou=APPS,o=LXS
    ERROR [ldap::search_ldap] Error: could not perform initial bind
    ERROR [ldap::ldap] Authentication failed

    *see Additional Information

    Workaround: use uppercase 'Y' in pdsroot/conf_table/ldap_*.conf:
    secure_ldap = Y

    Additional Information

    *value of secure_ldap in pdsroot/conf_table/ldap_*.conf file is case sensitive *correct values are uppercase Y/N *lowercase values y/n will *not* work

    Category: PDS - Primo

    Subject: Primo

    • Article last edited: 8/11/2014