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    Configure a Custom List of values for Library Static Facet

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Primo

    Please NOTE: This article is intended to be used by Ex Libris' Professional Services Staff during Implementation.

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    By default, the libraries static facet uses values from the ILS Library Codes table to create entries. Some customers
    wish to define a selective list of Libraries to display as static facets.
    NOTE (for example, mapping values for Aleph/Alma ILS data source):

    The ILS Library Codes table may include the following values which by default will all appear in the "Library" static facet list.
    a) Main Library
    b) Main Libary Music
    c) Main Library Reserves
    d) Main Library Law

    To limit creation/display of "Library" static facet to values b & c (excluding a & d), a custom mapping table called XXX_SUB_LOCATIONS was created and included only values b & c ensuring that only specific values appear in the Library static facet.

    1. Primo Home > Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables > (Sub System) Static Facets > Static Facets (Mapping table) > click Edit.
    Create a New Static Facet > Choose a facet > select "Library" from the pick list and click create.
    A new value called "Library" will be added to the Static Facets mapping table. Save the table.

    2. A new static facet table called "facet_library_values" will now appear in the list of "static facets" mapping tables.

    3. View the entries in the facet_library_values mapping table by clicking the "Edit" button to open the table.
    By default the facet_library_values static facet mapping table is populated with all values from the ILS Library Codes mapping table.
    A facet value will be displayed for every value in the ILS Library Codes table.

    4. Create a new normalization mapping table with only the values that are desired for display in the Library static facet.
    For example the custom normalization mapping table: XXX_SUB_LOCATION will contain a subset of values from the ILS Library codes table and will subsequently limit the display values for Library static facet to the values defined
    in the XXX_SUB_LOCATION mapping table.
    **NOTE: see additional information for information about formatting the XXX_SUB_LOCATION mapping table**

    5. Primo Home > Advanced Configuration > Full Normalization Rule Configuration. Edit the Facets/Library rule set in the normalization rules created for the "ILS" data source.
    For example: If the AVA $b value from the ILS data contains the "ILS Library" then the following rule can be used to normalize a subset of values from the ILS Library Codes table.

    Source = MARC AVA $b
    Conditions = no conditions
    Transformations = Use mapping table > XXX_SUB_LOCATION
    Action = ADD

    6. Renormalization and Reindexing are required.

    7. Add the "Library" facet to the list of facet values in the View Wizard and Deploy the view.
    Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizards > Views Wizard > Brief Display > Refine My Results (Facets) > Facets to display

    8. Open a new browser session and confirm that Library facet displays as desired.

    Additional Information

    In the facet_library_values table column 1 is the "Value Name" field which may contain the display name of the Library.
    Column 2 is "Value*" and must only contain the Library field *CODE* which is defined in column 1 (Primo Library Code) and column 2 (Source ILS Library codes) in Primo Home > Ongoing Configuration Wizard > Institution Wizard.

    NOTE: The static facet will not display in the Primo FE if the "Value*" column contains the descriptive name of the library.

    Category: Primo

    Subject: Facets - Primo

    • Article last edited: 13/July/2017